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Busting Myths About Condoms

Everybody knows the team here support safe sex. That is a stance that is backed by all the companions who advertise on our site, and you will find none that offer ‘bareback’. However, let’s be real here; there is a real thought that using a condom makes sex worse. It is true that it is better than the prospect of STI’s or unwanted pregnancies, but it may not feel half as good. There are also other issues people see with them that make them necessary, but anything but popular. Continue reading Busting Myths About Condoms

New Condoms Will Make Small Penises Bigger!

People often say that it isn’t the size of your cock but how you use it. They might use phrases such as “it isn’t about the size of the boat, it’s about the motion of the ocean” to try to convince you. But for those of you with small penises it can be difficult to believe that your cock is going to be enough to satisfy. Continue reading New Condoms Will Make Small Penises Bigger!

The Pros and Cons of the Prop 60 Porn Bill

Alongside the news and gossip about the latest episode on ‘Clinton vs. Trump’, there’s a certain bill that many pornstars feel on-edge about, Prop 60. If you’re not aware what Prop 60 is about, it is a bill that makes it mandatory for producers in California to ensure that every adult film star wears condoms in every scene that they perform in. Continue reading The Pros and Cons of the Prop 60 Porn Bill

The Condom Has a New Super-Cool Rival!

For some time, dudes haven’t had as many birth control options as dames. While ladies have a handful of funky forms of birth control, dudes are essentially left with two options: wrapping their dong with a condom or an irreversible vasectomy. A man’s choice for birth control was rather limited until right now. We are essentially dawning upon a sexy new age as a reversible birth control injection for men is on the horizon! Continue reading The Condom Has a New Super-Cool Rival!

Condoms Get An Unnecessary Arty Makeover

The variety of condoms that you can pick up on the market is ridiculous. Yes, there are many that are useful. For example you can pick up large sized ones if you have a bigger member that you need to wrap and you can also pick up extra safe if you want one a little thicker to make you feel better during sex. However, there are also plenty that seem to be a little unnecessary to us, such as the glow in the dark condoms that we are pretty sure will only be useful in a blackout or in a strange Star Wars type role play. Continue reading Condoms Get An Unnecessary Arty Makeover