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Seeing Escorts Vs. Tinder Dates

As you probably already know Tinder is an app that conquered the whole world. It doesn’t matter if you are single, in an open relationship, a swinger or a cheater: this app has a special place right near your Facebook, Twitter or Snap Chat applications. Otherwise, why do you have that Smartphone if it’s not taking care of your love life? Continue reading Seeing Escorts Vs. Tinder Dates

Sexy Ireland: The Horniest Places To Go!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the horniest cities around, but here on Escort Ireland we know that it is pretty tough to beat the horny and sexy people in Ireland. Whether you are up in the north, in the centre of Dublin, or in Newcastle West, we know that the hot people and escorts in Ireland are better than the horny student cities in the UK. After all, you simply cannot beat sexy Ireland, not when there are so many amazing people to meet and places to get down and dirty. Continue reading Sexy Ireland: The Horniest Places To Go!

World Sex – Who Has The Biggest And Smallest Willies?

We all know the common stereotypes of the penis world. Black men are said to be packing giant anacondas in their pants, supposedly where the saying ‘when you go black you never go back’ is attributed to. Whereas they say white men and Latin men come in a close second. Are these stereotypes true and if they are, what is that makes the difference? Continue reading World Sex – Who Has The Biggest And Smallest Willies?

The World’s Sexiest Politician!

It has to be said, politics can be quite a dull and boring subject. Yes, what they do affects every man, woman and child in their area, but the characters themselves are just so grey and dull. However, if more politicians looked like Maja Pavlovic, I get the impression more people would be paying attention to what goes on in the corridors of power. Continue reading The World’s Sexiest Politician!