Seeing Escorts Vs. Tinder Dates

As you probably already know Tinder is an app that conquered the whole world. It doesn’t matter if you are single, in an open relationship, a swinger or a cheater: this app has a special place right near your Facebook, Twitter or Snap Chat applications. Otherwise, why do you have that Smartphone if it’s not taking care of your love life?

Sexy lady flirting with a man she met on Tinder

Romantic people, like me but single, downloaded Tinder hoping they will meet their better half. Meanwhile, the rest of people were easily hooking up and enjoying sex escapes with different kinds of people. OK, maybe not all the rest, since there still are “classy” ones, who choose to discuss details with a skilled escort instead of swiping right and risking wasting their free time.

Well, we have to deal with the fact that Cinderella became Tinderella and we lack the option of saying the best thing for our life is to find our match, fall in love and live happily ever after. So, what’s more desirable: escorting or swiping right or left?

It Is Better to Be Safe than Sorry

Now, there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself, before installing or deleting the Tinder app, as well as before quitting or starting seeing escorts. Now, the first one is simple: what are you looking for? The majority of people are searching for a great way to spend part of their free time, right? And there is no better time than the sexy time, is it?

Now, we all know that Tinder is free… unless you pay for dinner, of course. So, that is definitely a big plus. But is it worth? Unlike escorts, who are professionals, not all people are very careful when it comes to STDS. If they were, we wouldn’t have to deal with so many diseases.

The truth is that when people meet through Tinder they go out and most of the times get drunk. It’s not abnormal since we are talking about two strangers who want to sleep with each other. Of course they use alcohol as a social lubricant. Can you think of something better?

When people are drunk they tend to forget about condoms. This is how most people transform alcohol into regret. The issue is that they realise what they did only when they find themselves scratching down there.

This doesn’t happen when people see escorts. In the first place, getting drunk is out of the question, and if you find this surprising, there might be other things you don’t know. So, you better check out the eejit’s guide to escorting available on our website and get properly informed before seeing a courtesan.

Secondly, escorts use condoms and they are always sober so forgetting about protection is out of the question.
Now, another issue brought by Tinder is regarding what you expect and what you get. Personally, I think investing time in a relationship and in people offers all of us an immense satisfaction. But when you expect to meet somebody and have a lovely night, but this doesn’t happen, we are talking about wasted, not invested time.

A friend of mine set up a date with a charming Tinderella. They met in Central London and had a couple of beers. She was hot and he was happy since he was expecting to have a great time together all night. However, after two hours she left him in the pub alone. Yes, just like that! Why? Well, she had another Tinder date!

Again, this doesn’t happen to people who see escorts. They receive exactly what they discussed . And if you plan to tell me that you like the unknown and that Tinder is a game… I can only say: What the hell, man? We all know that this app is all about sex. The issue is that, like in my friend’s case, somebody else got the sex.

It’s a Tinder Match… But Is It a Good One?

Though Tinder is the app of people who want to sleep around, there have been cases of people who met and fell in love. And that is very sweet, but if this is what you are looking for I suggest you write it on your profile. Most people might swipe left when they see you, but even if you have to wait, you get to see only those people who have similar interests.

While you can fall in love with Tinder, you must definitely keep away from that when it comes to escorts. There have been many reckless people who, because of the qualitative GFEs they received, developed feelings for their favourite escorts. But this is not to your advantage. They are doing their job, just like you are doing yours, and without any intentions, you might get hurt.

So, if deep down inside you are interested in more than just fun, you won’t find your match while escorting. Of course, Tinder is far from being the perfect place for this, unless you want to marry Mrs. Always Swipe Right.

If you want advice, see call girls for as long as you have other priorities, and all you want is relax and have fun with beautiful, talented escorts who just want to make you happy. When you start thinking about a life partner, just open your eyes, go out, socialize, and be open when it comes to meeting people. Even let your friends set you up.

Anna Smith

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