The World’s Sexiest Politician!

It has to be said, politics can be quite a dull and boring subject. Yes, what they do affects every man, woman and child in their area, but the characters themselves are just so grey and dull. However, if more politicians looked like Maja Pavlovic, I get the impression more people would be paying attention to what goes on in the corridors of power.

Maja, 23, works as a Councillor in her home city of Cacak in southern Serbia. However, she has taken time off of her political career to win a medal in the European leg of the Women’s Bikini Fitness Contest in Spain.

Looking at the video, you can see why she has gained such attention. Bare-bottomed, with platform stilettos and posing semi-naked in a doctor’s uniform, she really is a sight to behold.

A Heart Specialist As Well!

It doesn’t stop there however. As well as being beautiful and politically active, she is also a trained heart specialist, being in the final year of medical school, and is now practicing on patients as part of her final exams!

She said: ‘I love medicine and I want to achieve great results there. But I also love politics. I want to stay involved in that and of course through my beauty contest involvement, I hope that I will get to travel and see interesting places.’

Well if she wants to see interesting places, she should come to Ireland and appear on the Belfast escort page. I know that I would be a lot more skint for sure.

But hey, you have to give her real credit. At the age of 23 she has so much going for her, and she is doing it all by hard work!

Escort Ireland send a big thumbs up to you Maja!

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