Garda Laptop Left In Dutch Brothel!

Well well well; it looks like a member of the Gardai could be in a lot of trouble. This was after his laptop and important documents were found in a Dutch brothel.

It is believed that a worker in the Amsterdam establishment discovered the bag, and reported it to the Dutch police.

As well as the aforementioned laptop and documents, there was an insignia that pointed out it was Gardai property.

An Investigation

Now before we start jumping to conclusions, there is an investigation underway as to how it actually got there. Of course many will think that our Gardai friend was sampling the delights of the brothel. However, there is always a chance the bag was stolen.

Naked man fondles naked woman from behind

According to reports, the officer is understood to be the owner of the bag is highly experienced. He is yet to be questioned over the incident.

I could go on a big rant about most Gardai having no problem at all with the sex industry, as long as it is regulated properly and everyone is there through their own free will. However, I don’t even want to hint that the guy has been having some fun when he could have in fact have been nowhere near the area.

However, that won’t stop us watching the case with interest.

The Difference Between Public and Private Thoughts

And in the end, what would have been the problem with this guy visiting a brothel? I do get the impression that in Ireland, a great number of people actually support the escort industry, but feel they have to say they are against it just so they don’t get the ultra-conservatives considering them degenerates.

A fully regulated sex industry where everyone who is there is there because they want to be is something that so much of the nation wants. Let the Gardai start attacking the real criminals, like human traffickers.

It really doesn’t seem that difficult a concept at all. We all live in hope!

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