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7 Reasons To Move To Ireland From US

What started out as a “wouldn’t it be funny if” has now happened. Donald Trump has won the Presidential Election 2016. For some people out there, this is great news. Others are packing their bags. They want out of the country where a man who isn’t allowed access to his own Twitter account is being given the nuclear launch codes. And frankly, we can understand why. Continue reading 7 Reasons To Move To Ireland From US

The Irish Football Teams Are Out – But What a Ride!

Well it really wasn’t a great weekend for the Irish football teams. On Saturday, a valiant and rather unlucky Northern Ireland went down 1-0 to Wales after a Gareth McAuley own goal. The Republic, despite a strong start where they scored in the first two minutes, ended up losing 2-1 after a Antoine Griezmann double. Continue reading The Irish Football Teams Are Out – But What a Ride!

Punters Go Crazy After Irish Euro Win!

Hey, guys! And girls… whoever is reading this piece right now. As most of you already know by now, Ireland won against Italy in the Euro 2016 earlier this week, which sends them through to the last 16. Congratulations! You should raise your pint of Guinness in the air and chant with your friends at your local pub. Continue reading Punters Go Crazy After Irish Euro Win!

Ireland’s Favourite Porn!

People watch porn. This isn’t a secret. Sure, there are some people out there who feel that watching porn is sinful and wrong, but we simply cannot help ourselves. When the temptation to spend time with Palmela Handerson and her five friends strikes, we will go online to look for some entertainment on porn sites. The Irish make up a huge portion of porn viewers, and so one of the biggest porn sites decided that it was about time they took a look at Ireland’s favourite porn videos. Continue reading Ireland’s Favourite Porn!

Study Declares Irish Men The Sexiest Of All!

When we talk about the sexiest people in the world, we all have different opinions. What turns us on might not turn others on, especially when it comes to accents and appearance. You might find that your knees go weak at the hint of an accent, or perhaps you’re a little more challenging to turn on. Over the years, many studies have suggested that Irish men are the sexiest men around, and it seems that this has been confirmed with the latest study. Continue reading Study Declares Irish Men The Sexiest Of All!

Sexy Ireland: The Horniest Places To Go!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the horniest cities around, but here on Escort Ireland we know that it is pretty tough to beat the horny and sexy people in Ireland. Whether you are up in the north, in the centre of Dublin, or in Newcastle West, we know that the hot people and escorts in Ireland are better than the horny student cities in the UK. After all, you simply cannot beat sexy Ireland, not when there are so many amazing people to meet and places to get down and dirty. Continue reading Sexy Ireland: The Horniest Places To Go!

Harm Reduction and HIV Ireland – Laura Lee

Unless you’ve had your head in a microwave for the past number of years, you may have noticed that the world’s leading health authorities have come out in favour of decriminalisation of sex work. There’s a good reason for that, it’s because harm reduction has been shown to be hugely effective in the control and reduction of instances of HIV. A pretty compelling reason, I’d say. In a recently released report entitled “Ten Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work”, we’re told that “decriminalisation of sex workers could lead to 46% decline in new HIV infections over next decade”. That’s powerful. Continue reading Harm Reduction and HIV Ireland – Laura Lee

Pornhub Goes Crazy for Ireland!

So how were our hangovers on Wednesday? Well, if you are anything like me, then you will have had a splitting headache after enjoying a couple of ‘refreshing beverages’ on St Patrick’s Day. It really is that time of the year that everyone wishes they were Irish, and even if the nearest they have ever got to Ireland is having a few pints of Guinness, it really is a time party. However, those guys at Pornhub have discovered that there were many people enjoying St Patrick’s Day in a rather different way to what you would expect. Continue reading Pornhub Goes Crazy for Ireland!