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Couple Whipped After Public Sex (Video)

Every few weeks we see a new public sex video. Some horny couple are caught having sex in front of people, and find themselves on social media, and sometimes, our blog. I am always amazed at their actions, and their lack of respect for other members of the public. Do they realise that very few people want to see that kind of stuff? Well, one pair have now suffered the consequences after one of these escapades. Continue reading Couple Whipped After Public Sex (Video)

Brazilian TV Model Slaps Presenter For Touching Her Ass (Video)

We have always said that South American TV shows are a bit different to the ones you will find in the UK. Let’s face it, the women are usually more scantily clad, and they seem to be having a lot more fun. Yes, feminists may shit a brick, but no-one over there seems to care. However, even in that part of the world, sometimes the line is drawn, and when it was last week, a TV presenter had a well deserved smack in the mouth from a hot model. Continue reading Brazilian TV Model Slaps Presenter For Touching Her Ass (Video)

Man Busts Couple For Sex Near Kids (Video)

Here at Escort Ireland, we have always had quite a conflicted view on public sex. Yes, it can be very exciting, but there really is a time and a place. It is OK if you are on a night out and anyone who catches you will pretty much find it funny, but if you are around kids, then anyone who does it pretty much needs a slap. Continue reading Man Busts Couple For Sex Near Kids (Video)

Japanese Handjob Karaoke (Video)

It has to be said, Japan is famous for two things; Karaoke and crazy game shows. We all remember ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, where rather insane Japanese contestants risked life and limb going over ostensibly dangerous assault courses. Well, if you thought that was bad enough, wait until you hear about the new craze in the country. Continue reading Japanese Handjob Karaoke (Video)