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Martin Ward is a well respected editor and writer with over five years experience in the adult industry. After stints in the Escort Advertising call centre and on the escort forum, he moved into the site editor position around three years ago. Since then, he has specialised in articles on the battle for equal rights for sex workers, sexual health, as well as bringing the readers fun news from around the world. He also has a major interest in LGBT rights, and is an active campaigner in this field. When he isn't fighting the good fight, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, and young daughter. He also enjoys reading and taking long walks.

Dublin Brothel Has Lifelike Sex Doll You Can Meet!

For years we have seen the development of sex dolls. They have gone from ridiculous looking contraptions which were gag-worthy enough to be the punchline of a classic ‘Only Fools and Horses’ episode, to something that is truly becoming just like any other sex toy. Still, even I was surprised that in Dublin, a brothel is renting one of for 100 euros an hour. Continue reading Dublin Brothel Has Lifelike Sex Doll You Can Meet!

Man Dies After Gas Mask BDSM Sex Session

Here at Escort Ireland we have a great history in calling for safe sex to be practised by everyone, be it with escorts, or in their personal lives. Unwanted pregnancies are awful, as is catching STI’s. We have all heard that numerous times. However, when it comes to safe sex, on escort sites there is a slight twist, with dominatrixes being a popular kind of service provider. Continue reading Man Dies After Gas Mask BDSM Sex Session