An Interview with… Pure Lily!

An interview with Pure Lily! | For the first time in years, we have a new section on our blog! We’ve managed to take some time to interview Escort Ireland’s lovely and popular advertisers, to get to know them on a personal level, and learn more about their experiences.

Sit back, relax and enjoy reading every part of our chat with Pure Lily!

Hi Pure Lily! First of all, welcome back! You only advertise once or twice a year, what makes you come back every year?

Hello, there Escort-Ireland! I am Pure Lily from London, UK!
Well, it first started by coming to Dublin for a day FMTY booking. I think that was 6 years ago? Since then I was in Dublin perhaps 6 times, I have visited Belfast quite few times as well. My goal right now is to visit Cork and explore surroundings of Dublin, I heard the nicest things are around it! So it’s an idea for longer dates 🙂

Which city would be your ideal place to live if you could?

I love London and all it offers! But as well my other favourite city in UK is Edinburgh.

What motivates you to get up in the morning? Are you driven by relationships, money, success, etc?

Well, I am a person which is obsessed by random facts, historical, physiological, etc… So once I read that people’s life’s goals can be measured by 3 successful things in their life: job they love, good income from the job & successful personal relationships. So I feel my life has all these successfully for past few years.

What is your favourite place in Ireland you like to visit?

I would love to explore outside Dublin. More of Nature. I would love to go to Cork. I heard one about scenic train journeys & would love to take one!

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given in this line of work?

Trust your gut. Give people one chance to pay deposit. Then ghost them.

Does work ever overwhelm you? If so, how do you find that mental balance?

Of course. Us, companions, always like to point how much of admin goes into this work. How creative we are in photoshoots picking our own outfits, creating ideas, looking for venues.
I recently spoke with my friend who is a PA and decided our work is really close to it because of travel itineraries, etc.
Luckily you can work this job 40h+ per week but once you are more settled into your branding you find that this job suits a lot of people having part time work hours, therefore there are lots of opportunities to rest.
I do like taking evenings off bindging lots of mini series, I love exploring even my base city with sightseeing. I see 4-8 plays/musicals every half a year with my without clients.
My body needs rest as well sometimes, so spa trips are not rare as well! 🙂

What is your favourite TV Show?

There are few. I am obsessed with Lie to Me. Did you know show Criminal Minds? Apparently it ran for 17 seasons. I watched all of them (started when 8 season was released or so). During the pandemic I binge watched The Sopranos.

I did not know about Criminal Minds, I’ve already added to my “to watch Netflix list”. What is your proudest accomplishment?

There are quite few in my personal life, for example, having 2 degree’s. Having my saving goals met. Travelling couple times yearly for personal trips, not to mention work trips 🙂

I’m sure everyone is so glad to know you have met your personal goals, not to mention, 2 degrees! That is amazing! Looking back, what would you have done differently in your personal life?

Probably spend more time reading books, haha

What would you choose as your last meal?

Cold beetroot soup 😀

If your best friend would write your Tinder profile for you, how would that be?

I think they would say I am connoisseur of various experiences:
– cultural life (I adore plays, musicals, exhibitions, etc),
– dinning (I am definitely a foodie)
– and travel (yearly I travel to 4-6 different countries, which can be first world countries (like Singapore) or developing (like SE Asia, central America) which just makes me experience different type of cultures).
They probably would say I am an introvert but can be very sassy on occasions, haha.

Pure Lily

Would you rather spend 1 year at The North Pole or 2 years in the Sahara desert?

Neither, although I think I hate coldness more than warmth. In my home country a lot of winter months it can be up to -20 Celsius and I made pact to never go there when it’s so cold, haha.
But at the same time my skin is so fair, for a lot of hot countries I even take 70 SPF creams!

Do you ever get requested played porn during any of your bookings?

Yes, recently I watched gay porn with a client!

What’s one thing that people are generally surprised to find out about you?

Perhaps my various hobbies? Well, I am not very sporty, but few of my favourite hobbies are rowing (canoeing), hiking, archery or any kind of shooting activities or even an axe throwing.

Wow! Intelligent and can throw an axe! You’re not the person to mess with! Would you rather have more time or more money?

Probably more money since I have quite some time for my various hobbies.

What are your views on the ‘Swedish Model’ (aka the Nordic Law)?

Well, of course, it’s not good. People, who advocate for it always try to say it’s for a protection of workers. But data from Nordic countries and Ireland shows that in these countries have raised violence to sex workers, not even only from punters but from laws itself, like evictions.
These advocates like to say that Nordic model is ‘more legal’ model than legal model, which is in UK, for example. And in UK, the legal model works better than Swedish Model.

What makes you laugh?

I always laugh when I walk down the street and see car going so fast, I laugh thinking what happened in your life recently that you need to show your manhood so much now…

If somebody who has never had sex (a virgin) wanted to book with you as their first time would you accept the booking?

I visited Middle East couple times, some clients there are virgins due to beliefs but still choose to see escorts. I even had a duo with a virgin client!

If you were to receive a gift on each encounter, what would it be?

I think best smaller gifts, at least for me, would be exotic teas, small potted plants, spa gift vouchers, tasting menu’s experiences.

Unfortunately all good thing come to an end, and even if I’d like to ask you many more questions I’ll leave you to your hobbies!

I hope you all enjoyed this interview, and remember, she likes the smaller gifts! 😀


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