The Smartphone STD Test!

Real talk, a weird rash or an unsightly bump is an utter buzz kill. In the past, one would have had to hobble down to a medical professional, scared and ashamed. Yet in this sexy day in age, STD tests are now available on smartphones. Love is a battlefield and it’s a fact that when you play with fire it’s like playing a game of Russian roulette. If you play the odds however sexy they may be, the chances are that you may one day feel the burn. Luckily, STD tests on smart phones have arrived allowing consumers the important medical knowledge they need with priceless privacy! Continue reading The Smartphone STD Test!

Dirty Talk: What We Want To Hear!

People tend to be pretty divided when it comes to noise in the bedroom. Some people hate it, feeling as though the loud moans and groans are distracting and faked because it is what we believe is expected of us. Others enjoy hearing the cries of passion, and the louder it gets, the more turned on we are. Dirty talk is very popular in the bedroom, but knowing the right thing to say at the right time is difficult. Continue reading Dirty Talk: What We Want To Hear!

The Rose Alliance Condemns French Vote!

Rose Alliance strongly condemns the vote by French National Assembly which criminalises the clients of sex workers in France. We stand in solidarity with the French sex workers who have fought against the introduction of this law and feel deep sorrow that yet another country has chosen the same path as Sweden despite evidence of the harm this path has caused here. Continue reading The Rose Alliance Condemns French Vote!

Does Jelqing Make Your Penis Bigger? (Video)

Many men feel insecure when it comes to their penises. They are afraid their shape, form and size are not how they’re supposed to be. There have been many types of treatments specially created to make men believe they can make their penis bigger. Why? Because they were told they need to have it bigger in order to satisfy ladies. Continue reading Does Jelqing Make Your Penis Bigger? (Video)

Sex Toys With Ancient Origins!

Sex toys have been heightening sexual pleasure for centuries. In modern sexy times, these adult toys can be purchased in adult erotica stores or over the Internet. But before the web made ordering kink easier and before sexy people had to make a trip down to the XXX store, pray tell, where did these kinky toys come from? Continue reading Sex Toys With Ancient Origins!

What is it Like to Work as a Dominatrix?

Some people believe that the rising popularity of domination occurred when the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ books and movie were released. But I think that the fetish became popular when Rihanna released the song ‘S&M’, along with the music video where she’s wearing a pink latex uniform while throwing popcorn at people that were chained to the wall. Continue reading What is it Like to Work as a Dominatrix?

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