20 Crazy Sex Laws From Around The World!

Sex has long been thought as taboo, probably because kink has horny homies all over this world doing some strange shit to get their rocks off. Capitalists say that money makes the world go round, hippies say it’s love, but hard core kinksters know what’s up: freaky kink makes this rock keep rocking baby, yeah man! However, with all the different shades of peculiar kink banging, sex laws were born in an effort to attempt to govern the kinky masses, and their atypical freaky deaky ways. Continue reading 20 Crazy Sex Laws From Around The World!

Crazy Facts About the Penis!

At some point in your life, you’ve learned about the inner workings of the penis, yet chances are you weren’t given all the exciting details of the joystick. Most likely, you were given the basic information that you needed at that particular time in your life. That elementary knowledge helped you understand that the boom slang is fascinating and what’s happening behind the scenes is rather complicated. Yet behold, there are far more hard facts and sticky details about the love muscle that you deserve to know! Continue reading Crazy Facts About the Penis!

11 Funny Sex Related Injuries!

Sex is a lot like birthday cake, because although the act of enjoyment is indeed a sweet celebration, if and when you over indulge, aw man, that sweetness can hurt. Things that feel great and make our body rejoice, still pose a devastating potential to hurt our sexy bodies. Take anything that gives you an extraordinary feeling and chances are, it’s a double edge sword. Continue reading 11 Funny Sex Related Injuries!

12 Sex World Records!

Some of the stranger world records recorded wouldn’t have happened unless that strange person wasn’t comfortable with being different and fabulous for it. While some attempt to break the longest pogo stick jumping record others like John Falcon go down in history for the longest ‘pogo stick.’ It’s a sexy fact, sex world records have kinky people celebrating their kink for the whole world to see. Continue reading 12 Sex World Records!

Ireland’s Favourite Porn!

People watch porn. This isn’t a secret. Sure, there are some people out there who feel that watching porn is sinful and wrong, but we simply cannot help ourselves. When the temptation to spend time with Palmela Handerson and her five friends strikes, we will go online to look for some entertainment on porn sites. The Irish make up a huge portion of porn viewers, and so one of the biggest porn sites decided that it was about time they took a look at Ireland’s favourite porn videos. Continue reading Ireland’s Favourite Porn!

Garda Sex Worker Faces The Sack!

Sometimes you’ll hear about a news story that shocks you. It might be the subject itself, or it might be the reaction to it. The latest one? It is believed that a member of the Gardai has been working as an escort. Not a big deal, right? Well, it seems that this Garda sex worker is now facing the sack… all because she might have been advertising her escort services online. Continue reading Garda Sex Worker Faces The Sack!

14 Sex Facts About The Animal Kingdom

Go into the wild and listen to the kinky soundtrack. All that life that you hear buzzing around you is really just every creature great and small desperately trying to shag. Yeah man, the animal kingdom is a bangfest from Spring through Summer. And since it’s always Spring through Summer somewhere essentially the great outdoors is always shagging. Nature is the first orgy and it’s as old as time. Continue reading 14 Sex Facts About The Animal Kingdom

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