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Is This Too Much Detail For a Mother/Son Sex Conversation? (Poll)

The facts of life are always a tough for parents when dealing with their kids. What to say, when to say it; they are all things that cause sleepless nights for men and women all over the globe. Is there ever or right or wrong answer? Well, after the outcry on Mumsnet after a Mum gave a rather ‘honest’ answer to her 12 year old son when she was asked a personal question about her sex life, you would think for many the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Continue reading Is This Too Much Detail For a Mother/Son Sex Conversation? (Poll)

What is a Nasal Orgasm?

Nasal orgasms are very much linked with sneezing and sex. Have you ever thought about your face when you want to sneeze? I know, it is not the kind of expression which you will capture in photos, but you may also have an unintentional expression as you have when you are reaching an orgasm. Despite that face, who could imagine that sneezing brings pleasure for some people? In fact, there are studies which show that sneezing and orgasms are linked. Continue reading What is a Nasal Orgasm?

Why Do We Love POV Porn So Much?

We are creatures of habit. We try not to be, but when it comes to certain things we know what we want. We might go to a restaurant, keen to try something new, and order our usual because it is safe. It’s the same with porn. It’s the reason why things like threesome and lesbian porn are so popular. But another popular search is POV porn. Continue reading Why Do We Love POV Porn So Much?