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Could A Penis Treatment Really Make The Difference?

Modern science and technology has made huge waves in our sex lives. It used to be that phone sex was just talking dirty on the phone, but now there are sex toys you can use which will copy the movements the others feel. This means that your partner will be able to feel everything that they do to them, regardless of whether you are in the same city or even the same country. Continue reading Could A Penis Treatment Really Make The Difference?

Are Schoolgirl Fantasies Dodgy?

One of the biggest controversies we ever have on Escort Ireland is that of the schoolgirl fantasy. This is where women of legal age will dress up as schoolgirls and have sex with their partner. Because of the age of real school kids, it has led many to thing of the act as being quasi-paedophilic. Well today we are going to take a look at both arguments. Continue reading Are Schoolgirl Fantasies Dodgy?

Fortnite Porn: Why Video Game Porn Is On The Rise

Battle royale style games such as Fortnite and PUBG are growing in popularity. In them, a large number of players are put against each other, battling it out to be the last survivors. The last one standing then wins the glory. So we shouldn’t really be surprised that things such as Fortnite porn are becoming popular searches. Continue reading Fortnite Porn: Why Video Game Porn Is On The Rise

Who Is Pornstar Stormy Daniels?

We have heard a lot about porn star Stormy Daniels recently. For those who have been on Mars, she is the woman who is embroiled in a legal dispute with President Donald Trump (has that stopped sounding weird yet?) over whether they had an affair or not. Without getting embroiled in the tedious legal machinations, this all revolves around alleged ‘hush money’ she was paid before the 2016 election to keep quiet about it. Continue reading Who Is Pornstar Stormy Daniels?