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Sex Stories – Abdominal Persuasion

Tuesday is gym day, as is Thursday and Saturday to be fair. However Tuesdays had become a lot more exciting since the new, sexy personal trainer had started working at the gym!
After a 2 year gap, I started exercising again and it hasn’t been easy! I wouldn’t say I need to train, but, being a single, 27 year old female with no kids, I want to maintain my physique – and admittedly I can’t get enough of the male attention! Continue reading Sex Stories – Abdominal Persuasion

Time To Put A Cork In It Ladies

Time to put a cork in it ladies! However gentlemen… of course, Jizzle on! Here are the BBFC’s plans to push out UK made fetish porn in favour of vanilla. So… for those of you British-produced, porn watchers out there that are not already aware of the new, sexist and somewhat perplexed Audio Media Visual Regulation 2014 prepare yourself for this hopeless, quite comical, attempt to control the countries fetishisms! New regulations came into effect on the 2nd Dec 2014, as instructed by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). Continue reading Time To Put A Cork In It Ladies