Female Runner Makes GPS Maps Of Penis’s!

We all know that running can be a real pain in the backside. I am aware from personal experience that trudging out those miles may well be good for you, but it can be boring and often quite painful.

However, one woman has come up with a great idea to keep the mind occupied. She has decided to make pictures of dicks, using the latest satellite-enabled exercise tracking technology and her own legs.

Other Creations

San Franciscan resident Claire Wyckoff hasn’t just been making pictures of willy’s however. She recently made an Atari Space Invaders character and an extended middle finger. Still, most are pictures of penis’s.

Two GPS maps of penis's

It says something about the maturity of the world (and me for that matter) that these pictures have gone viral!

I can only imagine the amount of planning that would need to go into planning out a run to make the map look like something rude! She is either a comedic genius, or has far too much time on her hands.

A Filthy Mind (We Like It)

It seems that Claire Wycoff has a rather dirty mind and I have to say, I would kind of like to meet her!

Instead, if I want to go and meet a woman with a naughty mind and a wicked sense of humour there are plenty of Belfast escorts for me to choose from. Also, they are a lot more accessible that a woman who lives in the United States.

Either way, it beats the hell out of running!

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