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Sexy Ireland: The Horniest Places To Go!

There has been a lot of talk lately about the horniest cities around, but here on Escort Ireland we know that it is pretty tough to beat the horny and sexy people in Ireland. Whether you are up in the north, in the centre of Dublin, or in Newcastle West, we know that the hot people and escorts in Ireland are better than the horny student cities in the UK. After all, you simply cannot beat sexy Ireland, not when there are so many amazing people to meet and places to get down and dirty. Continue reading Sexy Ireland: The Horniest Places To Go!

Pornhub Hit With Videos Of ‘Brazilians Getting F**ked By Germans’

Unless you are actually Brazilian, there is a very good chance you will have found their 7-1 destruction at the hands of Germany in last nights World cup semi final very funny indeed. I for one was physically rolling around the floor laughing as it went 5-0 after 29 minutes. Continue reading Pornhub Hit With Videos Of ‘Brazilians Getting F**ked By Germans’

Crazy About County Cork

Despite the funny name of the city, Cork is actually a very enjoyable experience. When I first visited this city on my travels to Ireland, I was pleasantly surprised to find the number of different activities that a person can do over here. The people of Cork are extremely friendly, so asking for help regarding anything is quite simple and easy. Location wise, Cork is situated in the south western region of Ireland, and the is within the province of Munster. Continue reading Crazy About County Cork

Is Jenny McCarthy Glamourising Smoking?

In this health conscious age, it is a debate that is gripping sections of America. Is the E-Cig industry starting to glamourise smoking in a way not seen since the 1950’s and 1960’s?

Jenny McCarthy (ex model, and T.V star), has become the face of the E-Cig industry. In the latest advert for Blu electronic cigarettes, the still incredibly attractive McCarthy smokes away, claiming that it gives her ‘smoking without the guilt’. She goes on to make claims that it helps her in social situations, it doesn’t make her smell and helps her love life. Continue reading Is Jenny McCarthy Glamourising Smoking?