Can a Guy be Too Nice?

One big complaint from a number of guys, when it comes to getting into relationships, is that they are ‘too nice’, and end up in the ‘friend zone’. One particular lad was talking to me about it, asking my advice, and I have to admit that, at the time, I thought he was talking gibberish.

I will elaborate. I was not buying what I subtly called the ‘friend zone shit’. I just thought the women who were telling him this stuff didn’t fancy him and were trying to let him down gently.

Well, after speaking to a number of women, it seems that it does actually exist. Maybe people think I am an asshole, and that’s why I haven’t ever heard the term used against me?

That would be quite disconcerting….

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It seems that women have been watching too much trashy American TV where this kind of pseudo-psychology comes into play. It seems that, these days, you can just be too nice.

Now, does that mean that all women like nasty guys? Well, though there are a number that do, it is more to do with guys just being walkovers and women wanting to be challenged.

Help is at hand though, for my friend and anyone else who has this problem. Escort Ireland has put together a guide on how to keep yourself out of the friend zone.

Here goes

Take The Lead

No woman likes her guy to be too subservient. Still, this doesn’t mean become an Mr Arrogant. It does mean however, taking the lead for a good portion of the conversation. Reference things she has said to show you are listening, but don’t sound too gushing.

Make sure you become interesting

Don’t Text Right Away

The amount of guys I see texting a girl right away after the date is incredible. Listen up fellas, it’s a really bad move. It just makes you look really needy and desperate.

Wait a day or two, and don’t sound to clingy when you send your first message. Sound calm, and ask if she wants to see you again. If she gives a negative answer, don’t go pleading. Accept it. If she says yes, don’t sound too happy, even if you are!


Make Your Feelings Count

Relationships are about give and take. So if you are doing all the giving and none of the taking, then you are in for a pretty crumby partnership. Not only that, she is likely to get very bored, very quickly.

Make her feel special and allow her to do the same for you. This way, you will not come across as a doormat and put yourself firmly in the ‘friend zone’.

Asking an Escort

In the end, you should never really try and change who you are. If you are a nice fella, let that come out, as it is still a wonderful quality. It is just a case of not being too needy.

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The Cork escorts are worldly wise, so why not pick their brains over dinner? Maybe they have some other tips on how not to get cast into that friend zone.

I am off to work out why I haven’t ever been accused of being too nice. I’m not sure I’m gonna like the answer!

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