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Despite the funny name of the city, Cork is actually a very enjoyable experience. When I first visited this city on my travels to Ireland, I was pleasantly surprised to find the number of different activities that a person can do over here. The people of Cork are extremely friendly, so asking for help regarding anything is quite simple and easy. Location wise, Cork is situated in the south western region of Ireland, and the is within the province of Munster. Population wise, Cork ranks at number three on the most populated cities in all of Ireland, and over the passage of time, the city has developed fantastically well in order to become a famous hub.

The city is situated on River Lee, which separates in to two different channels near the western boundary of the city. These channels result in the creation of a small island in between, which is used as the centre of the city. The channels converge again near the eastern boundary of the city, where quays and docks have been constructed. This has resulted in the creation of one of the largest natural harbours in the whole world.

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If you are visiting Cork, do not think that this is just one of the small cities and doesn’t deserve a trip. Cork is an enchanting experience and will captivate you from the minute you step foot in the city. There are so many different things to do and so many sights to see that you might get confused, but trust me, they are worth every single second of your time. Now, here’s a brief history of the city itself so as to get our readers acquainted with the historical significance of the city:

History of Cork

Back in the 6th century, Cork was created as a monastic settlement. It wasn’t until a trading port was constructed by the Vikings when an urban character was founded within the city. A number of studies have stated that similar to Dublin, Cork played a crucial part in the overall trade network which was created by the Scandinavians. However, Cork became a city when the charter was granted back in 1185 by Prince John. At one point in time, the city of Cork was completely walled from all sides, and even today, some of the walls and the large gates still stand tall.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Cork was a very famous city and thrived significantly well. In the War of Independence however, the city was greatly damaged, as severe fighting between the Irish guerrillas and the UK forces caused major damage. However, the city recovered and to this day, it has continued to thrive in to an economical and cultural hub.

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Tourism in Cork

As a number of people from all the world have begun to migrate to Ireland, the city has been gaining significant cultural diversity. If you are visiting Cork, you will come across a range of different restaurants that provide all kinds of foods, ranging from Pakistani dishes to American cuisine. As people from France, Spain, Lithuania and even African and Asian nations have begun to settle in parts of Cork, the city has thrived. Arts and architecture, along with theatre are some of the most common cultural traits that you will find in Cork. The local university offers a number of courses in arts and design, while theatre is a very famous activity for the locals, and often times on the weekends, you’ll notice a lot of people bustling about the streets in order to get to the local theatre or cinema.

There are a number of places that you should see upon visiting Cork. The Blarney Stone should be visited due to its historical significance, while the Blarney Castle should also be visited. You should also check out the FOTA wildlife park if you are interested in nature. Famous throughout the city of Cork, the Cork Opera House is worth a visit if you can secure a ticket. The English Market in Cork is one of the most famous markets in all of Ireland, and should definitely be visited. You should also check out Blackrock Castle, which stands strong even after hundreds of years. The Cathedral of Saint Fin Barre is also a must visit, because the amazing design of this olden cathedral looks absolutely magnanimous.

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