Nigerian Woman Disowns ‘Gay Cat’

A bizarre story has gripped the town of Lafia, in Nigeria. A seven year old cat has been abandoned by his owner for being gay. Yes, you heard me right – for being gay.

It seems that ‘Bull the cat’ has not been up to normal cat like behaviour.

The middle-aged woman who owns the cat claims that he has engaged in ‘unnatural sexual behaviour’, making advances towards other male cats in the house while shunning the females in the area.

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The owner of the who has not been named, claims the felines actions were ‘a contradiction of the laws of nature’ and has kicked poor Bull out of her house, saying ‘anybody interested in this gay cat can have it because I have no further use of it.’

As yet, no one has adopted the cat, but many residents of the area have been thronging to the house to see the spectacle, and are taking great amusement in the incident.

I am sure someone will pick up Bull. They may even let him walk around wearing leather pants and listen to the Village People?

Words fail me! It seems sometimes that it isn’t the animals that are the simple creatures!

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