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Lara Mills is a writer who has four years of sex industry expertise behind her. Since she entered the adult industry, she has worked on the Escort Advertising forums, before moving into her current role three years ago. Since then she has gained a fine reputation with her blogs on sex advice, sexual health and amusing news stories from around the globe. She is also a campaigner for the rights of sex workers from all over the world. In her spare time, Lara keeps herself active by going running, and is something of a film buff. She also loves to go travelling.

Leprechaun Porn And St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is a day celebrated all around the world. No matter where you are, the 17th of March arrives and suddenly you’ll find yourself surrounded by green. People will drink Guinness or have an Irish whiskey and tell others “kiss me, I’m Irish!”. It is a huge event, but it seems that some people have other ideas about just how they should spend this day. They might decide to watch some porn instead, and there are a number of search terms which prove to be popular on Saint Patrick’s Day. Continue reading Leprechaun Porn And St. Patrick’s Day!