Is Jenny McCarthy Glamourising Smoking?

In this health conscious age, it is a debate that is gripping sections of America. Is the E-Cig industry starting to glamourise smoking in a way not seen since the 1950’s and 1960’s?

Jenny McCarthy (ex model, and T.V star), has become the face of the E-Cig industry. In the latest advert for Blu electronic cigarettes, the still incredibly attractive McCarthy smokes away, claiming that it gives her ‘smoking without the guilt’. She goes on to make claims that it helps her in social situations, it doesn’t make her smell and helps her love life.

The fact that Jenny McCarthy is being used as the poster-child of the industry says a lot. For years people have known that smoking is bad for your health. Therefore advertising has become more and more scarce, as people try to eliminate the habit. Gone are the days where you will see cigarettes advertised on TV. You also won’t ever see a McClaren F1 car draped in the colours of Marlboro again.

But now, in the US, you will see McCarthy puffing away pretty happily on her ‘cigarette’.

No Proven Health Benefits

Now the issue is that no-one knows dangerous the E-Cig actually is. There have been no studies that have said ‘hey, this is pretty cool and not bad for you at all’. The industry however admits to not wanting to stop people smoking, they just want them using their product instead.

Also, the glamorous look, it is argued, will encourage people who weren’t smokers, to take it up.

There seems to be a mantra that the addiction itself isn’t a bad thing, just the tobacco. I will leave that one out there to be discussed.

E-Cig companies have to be very careful when commenting on the ‘health benefits’, yet the latest advert on British TV almost gives a wink to the idea it makes you more healthy.

The ‘Friends don’t let Friends Smoke’ campaign shows guys doing active things like running around the street, and lifting heavy furniture. Even the name of the campaign is slightly misleading. Surely they are smoking, even if it is a substitute? It is like it is not ‘real smoking’.

A Big issue

Now to counter that, not putting tobacco and all its associated toxins in your system is in itself a good thing. That can’t really be argued. Most people hate the smell of it, even smokers themselves. Remember, if you are looking for a Cork escort, their smoking status is noted so to let people know. This options mere presence shows how strongly some people think of it.

The question is, is the Jenny McCarthy campaign socially responsible?? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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