New Self-Lubricating Condom Proving To Be a Huge Hit

A revolution in safe sex could be about to begin. A new self-lubricating latex condom could be on the verge of making safe sex much more fun for both parties.

Condom out of wrapper

A Vast Improvement

Boston University researchers have developed prophylactic condoms from a specially treated membrane which becomes slick and slippery in the presence of natural bodily fluids.

Unlike lubricants that are oil and water based, this new latex will keep its lubrication almost indefinitely as it attracts water.
This means that the basic complaint about condoms, that they go dry and sex becomes uncomfortable will be a thing of the past.

The fascinating study was published in the Royal Society Open Science journal.

“A majority of participants [in the study] – 73% – expressed a preference for a condom containing the lubricious coating,” concluded the study.

The study participants agreed “that an inherently slippery condom that remains slippery for a long duration would increase their condom usage,” its conclusion added.

“Such a coating shows potential to be an effective strategy for decreasing friction-associated pain [for women and men] and increasing user satisfaction.”

77% of men and 40% of women in a US survey claimed that condoms caused reduced pleasure and increased discomfort during intercourse. This is cited as a major reason many people don’t use them, or at least do it under sufferance.

The traditional materials cause chaffing during thrusting motions, thus requiring lubrication – which wears off. That is why the longer you go, the more uncomfortable it can become.

This new material is different however. These ones offer “consistently low friction even when subjected to large volumes of water, or 1,000 cycles of articulation”. If you are pumping more than 1000 times, all power to you!

Volunteers involved in “touch tests” for the new condom “expressed a strong preference for condoms that were ‘inherently slippery’ and remained so for a long time” according to the study.


I think this is wonderful news. My partner finds condoms very uncomfortable and it is because she goes dry. It starts to hurt her, and as she dries up, then it hurts me. That means that every month around period time we are crossing our fingers.

Single people are also at risk of STI’s if they choose not to have protected sex because of this. If we can have a new, more comfortable condom, then we are all on to a winner.

We certainly look forward to seeing these new slippery condoms hit the market. I for one will buy them right away, as will many of the escorts on our site I presume.

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