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Here at Escort Ireland, we have always been great exponents of safe sex. However, we are also realists. Sex with a condom, for most men, really doesn’t feel as good as sex without. Seriously, it just doesn’t feel the same. This has led to many people wondering how sex with a condom could be improved?
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Well, Danny Resnic of ‘ORIGAMI’ condoms really is trying to to create a ‘new generation’ of condoms.

He explains.

“In 1993, I experienced a broken condom and wound up with an HIV diagnosis, and it occurred to me that the condom hadn’t changed in almost 100 years, and we’ve been dealing with an old, rolled condom,” Resnic said. “It’s way overdue for a change.”

Resnic said that because “condoms were designed for protection but they were never really designed for pleasure,” he wanted to invent something that works seamlessly with the natural mechanics of sex.

“We’ve changed the way condoms work. We’ve changed the mechanical aspect of it, and it is an active condom. It moves with the body’s motion and creates sensation on the inside of the condom instead of trying to transfer sensation from the outside,” Resnic explained.

The video shows his full interview with Huffington Post.

OK, I will question how ending up with HIV can make you leap to thinking sex should be feeling better. At the risk of sounding glib, if that was me, I would be inventing a condom with the thickness of fifty condoms.

To be fair, other than that, his logic is pretty much bang on. Condoms, traditionally are just something to stop bodily fluids exchanging. Brilliant for stopping STI’s and unwanted pregnancies, crap for anything else.

I have never used an Origami condom, but the concept of making it work from the inside really can’t be faulted.

Better Condoms, Safer Sex

To be fair, better quality condoms could well help the spread of infections and pregnancies. One of the main reasons people decide to not use condoms is that they often make the sex worse. Therefore, people, maybe under the influence of alcohol, or possibly just idiotic, decide to take the risk. If people like Mr Resnic can make sex with condoms better, then more people are likely to want to use them. It really does make perfect sense.

Obviously, and you probably don’t need me to tell you this, but until top quality condoms become available readily in your local chemist, you should still be practicing safe sex. No, it may not be as good as without, be when you are doing your cost-benefit analysis on the situation, maybe lasting a couple of minutes longer before you come is actually better than walking around scratching, or making child maintenance payments for the next 18 years.

Still, it is great to see the industry acknowledging there really is a problem.

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