New York Cops Banned From Confiscating Prostitutes Condoms!

In one of the more intelligent moves I have seen in regards to the sex industry for a long, New York police have this week been banned from confiscating condoms from prostitutes.

NYPD officers have been able to seize condoms for decades, and use them as evidence of illegal activity, much to the anger of civil rights groups.

A Good Change

The main reason for this understandable outrage is that it discourages sex workers from carrying condoms around with them as they could be used as evidence later on in a criminal case. That obviously increases the chances of prostitutes having unprotected sex with their clients. In turn, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise that could mean problems with STD’s and AIDS.

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A 2010 report by the New York City Department of Health, which was released by Human Rights Watch, found that 57% of sex workers surveyed had had condoms taken away by the police. In addition, 33% of sex workers reported that they had not carried condoms at one time because of fear of trouble with police, according to the report. It has to be said; that is rather troubling.

“This policy opens the door for individuals in prostitution to stop risking their health for fear of carrying condoms,” Sonia Ossorio, president of the Nation Organization for Women, said in the department’s press release.

“It’s every individual’s right to be able to protect their health and this policy shift under the new NYPD leadership goes a long way to protect their health and this policy shift” she added.

Safety Over Moralism

Obliviously this is a great move. Safety is the most important thing to consider when we are dealing with real peoples lives. An overly strict adherence to law and moralism is going to hurt the people that sections of society claim they are trying to protect.

Everyone here at Escort Ireland sends a big thumbs up to the guys and gals at the NYPD. It is truly a wonderful thing when common sense prevails.

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