Condoms Get An Unnecessary Arty Makeover

The variety of condoms that you can pick up on the market is ridiculous. Yes, there are many that are useful. For example you can pick up large sized ones if you have a bigger member that you need to wrap and you can also pick up extra safe if you want one a little thicker to make you feel better during sex. However, there are also plenty that seem to be a little unnecessary to us, such as the glow in the dark condoms that we are pretty sure will only be useful in a blackout or in a strange Star Wars type role play.

Condoms stacked on top of one another

The strange varieties of condom that you can buy don’t just end there. Every holiday season you’ll see new ones specifically themed just to sell. At Christmas you can buy some complete with mistletoe to hang over your cock to tempt your partner into a festive kiss with a difference. Valentine’s day sees red condoms, some covered with love hearts, just to make you feel that little bit romantic and sweet. The latest condoms to hit the market are a little more artistic than usual.

Making your penis pretty

The French brand Made In Love are eager to help you spice things up in the bedroom in unusual ways. They don’t think that trying out some new and kinky sex toys will work as well as what they have in store for you.

Instead of you spending loads of money on sex toys that might not agree with you, they instead hope that you will embrace your more creative and arty side in the bedroom, as they have printed condoms with some pretty designs on them.

Basically, it is like getting one of those tattoo sleeves that you can wear on your arms, but this time they are specifically for your cock to make it look much more appealing to the people that you sleep with.

Made In Love said in an interview “we imagine arty condom as the new jewellery of the intimacy or even as an erotic tattoo”, and feel that buying a graphic condom is the perfect way to show someone just how much you care about them. You can turn safe sex, and your cock, into a work of art.

Using crowd funding for sex

At the moment, they only have condoms that are 50% covered in their pretty graphics, as they have been unable to get the funds to make the full condom sleeves that they are hoping to sell. However, they have taken to the French crowd funding site Kiss Kiss Bank Bank in the hopes of raising the rest.

Their crowd funding campaign tells us that “made in love” is when “the condom transform itself into a piece of art” and that it is “more than just a condom, it is a real intimate asset, an erotic ephemeral tattoo”.

Currently they are only 25% of the way to their goal of €15,000, and with only a few days left of the campaign it isn’t clear if they will reach it. However, if you do choose to fund it and donate €25 or more, you can actually get your hands on the first ones in the collection. Exciting, right?

They want to make it so that you can buy a condom that is 100% covered in graphics, making your cock stand out from the crowd and giving you the chance to show just what kind of person you are.

What is the point?

The problem with making pretty condoms is that you don’t really get to see them or look at them that much. We put them on to keep sex safe and so that we can have fun. If we were to stop the action purely to look at the design that is wrapped around our partner’s cock, we are pretty sure they’d be upset.

You might want to buy them purely for the novelty. After all, novelty condoms are pretty popular. Whether they are themed for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even New Year’s Day, you can get a huge range to slip on and laugh about.

However, you might not like the idea of putting on a condom and having your partner laughing at you. We can understand why. It would be pretty embarrassing for you, especially when they are so expensive. A pack of two will set you back €12, which seems pretty steep for what you are getting!

Instead of spending that much on a packet of pretty ones, you could spend that money on standard ones with more in the box. More in the box means more hours of fun for you and your partner, which definitely isn’t a bad thing!

Are condoms going too far?

I can understand the desire of novelty condoms, and I can understand the desire to support art and creativity by putting money their way, but are we going that little bit too far by putting pretty patterns onto things that will get used once and then thrown in the bin after being slide onto a penis?

I think that perhaps we are. Yes, the designs are nice and eye-catching, but when I jump into bed and I’m really eager to get down and fuck, the last thing I am doing is looking at the condom to see if I like the pattern.

We would love to hear what you think about these designer condoms that you can buy. Will it simply pave the way for fashion designers to charge through the nose for a condom with their name on it, or is it a creative and unusual way of showing how important safe sex is?

You can let us know what you think in a variety of ways. You could simply leave a comment in the box below and tell us what you think, or you might want to join in the discussion on the Escort Ireland forum and see what others have to say about it. Is it a good idea or a step too far?

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