What Is The Pornstar Experience?

If I walk to my mate’s house and look on their laptops right now, there would be at least one porn video saved in their favourites on Google Chrome or Firefox. They wouldn’t have to worry, though, as I understand that it would be an invasion of privacy if I go and stick my nose in everyone’s dirty business. Plus, the pornstar experience is a huge turn on.

Sexy couple enjoying the pornstar experience

Like our favourite film that we’d watch over and over again, we have our favourite porn videos that we’d jack off to over and over again. However, instead of watching it on our monitors every now and again, why don’t you try performing it in real life with your sexy partner?

Making your favourite scene come to life with the pornstar experience!

If you dream about reenacting a filthy scene in your bedroom, then you’re after the porn-star experience, also abbreviated as PSE. The pornstar experience is basically trying out something you’ve seen in a porn video; it could be anything that tickles your fancy. From a saucy boss & secretary scene, a scene in a swimming pool, a dirty fuck on a staircase, or even something simple like facials or Russians.

The common porn trends that are searched in European countries are creampies, milfs, amateurs and teens. To me, that’s not really a surprise. I was chatting dirty to a guy one night, he sent me a link to a video on a porn website and angelically asked me:

‘Can we do this one night, baby?’

We didn’t get round to it, but the video looked quite fun to try out.

From what I remember, it was a woman being surrounded by two guys and she was getting double penetrated hard. Another night, we were texting each other and we started getting frisky with each other once more. I remember him saying to me that ‘I should wear the heaviest eye makeup and the blackest eyeliner and gag you with my cock, so when you cry it will trickle all down your face.’

I teased him by saying:

‘You’re trying to turn me into a pornstar?’

‘You act like one.’

I didn’t take any offence to that statement, because I know that I do act like a porn star in the bedroom; when I feel like it of course. This leads me on to another thing.

The pornstar experience doesn’t just revolve around hardcore fucking with lots of spit and cum everywhere.It can be soft and sensual like one of those ‘Sweetheart’ videos, where the video has been edited with soft lighting and the bedroom walls are covered in either white, beige or baby pink.

Then again, pornstars are well renowned for going at it. Hard. That is why so many of my friends want their partners to reenact a movement performed by Sasha Grey, or to try out a scenario in the sex dungeon from one of the ‘Kink’ videos.

The alter ego of GFE

When it comes to the pornstar experience, it can be as dirty as you’d like it to be. For most people, they consider PSE to be GFE’s alter ego, the side of the bedroom where you’d either go rough or go home. As mentioned before, it can involve anything from experiencing a tit wank or having a mouth filled with cum, but these are the kinds of things you have to discuss with your companion if you want to try the PSE in the bedroom.

If you have a girlfriend, you must remember that she is not an actual pornstar so there may be a few acts that your partner wouldn’t be willing to try out. This is mainly because pornstars are perceived as filthy sluts who are only into lewd extreme, and at times, salacious activities. Which would relate to the fact that most of the pornstars go bareback. If you and your partner agree to do a PSE, make sure that you’re both as thoroughly clean as you can be. It’s good to have a deep clean in the shower on your ass, cock and balls get them smelling nice around an hour before you start getting jiggy underneath the bedsheets; you’ll never know how dirty you two would get.

If you are familiar with porno, you would realise that it’s mainly the men who take the lead in the videos. So for the women who are reading this article, you won’t have to worry about what to do next as your guy would be the one grabbing onto your hips and turning you over on the bed. Going back to the point that your companions aren’t actual pornstars, it’s good to be intimate with them after your filthy session in the bedroom. Too many times you watch the end of a porn video where the girl is left in the bed drenched in sweat and cum and where the guy just walks off to clean the cum off his dick.

For me, I would like to receive a nice thank you by having a deep, intimate kiss with my partners and caress him after an hour or two of hardcore intercourse; maybe even a post-coital conversation. That’s just for me, but for others, they might like to do something different.

A little treat to have once a fortnight

In my opinion, PSE isn’t something you can do every day, like anal sex. I say this because of the notion that if you repeat doing this act every sex session you have, the novelty wears off. The pornstar experience is something that you would want to remember, and sometimes it can be one moment in the bedroom.

There have been a few experiences that I will always remember until the soil covers my face. For example, I will always remember the first time I’ve had my feet kissed while getting fucked missionary. Another story is someone talking dirty to me in Spanish while he’s thrusting his hard cock inside me, along with a time when someone stick a thumb in my ass while he was fucking me doggy style. They were all little thrills that will stay with me for a long while, and I would savour those memories for as long as I can remember them.

When you’re arranging a sexy appointment with an escort does PSEs, it’s good to discuss what you would like to do with her or him because the pornstar experience can mean anything. It’s best to show him or her your favourite porn video so she would understand what would get you to ravage her like a horny animal. For some guys, maybe they would prefer to show their courtesans a link to their favourite pornstar’s website, and show your partner the kind of moves that you want her to try out on you.

Another note to be wary of, the escorts wouldn’t allow you to perform bareback on them. They would not allow you to have anal or vaginal sex without a condom, contrary to what you’ve seen in porn videos. If you’re wondering ‘But pornstars don’t use condoms…’ They get themselves tested regularly for STDs and HIV which they are at high risk of, and most of them use a rubber when they have sex outside of work. There are some escorts who do OWO – oral without condom – but again, discuss with her if you would like to a facial on her after doing a tit wank on her.

Once you’ve checked all your boxes on your PSE list, all you have to think about afterwards is what an amazing time you will have with your companion. It’s only once in a while you’d indulge in performing the pornstar experience in the bedroom, so savour every moment of it!

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