Adding the correct “favourites” to your profile

Knowing what to add to your “favourites” can be difficult to choose from but is extremely important. As much as advertising many services is the best way to gain more attention to your profile, attracting the right crowd is still important.

You shouldn’t advertise a service as a “favourite” unless it’s something you’re comfortable with doing and experiencing. Always remember to put yourself first and listen to your mind and body.

Why is adding “favourites” important?

1) The “favourites” chosen when setting up your profile will be displayed on your profile. This will assist punters in knowing exactly what you offer when visiting your profile. This helps punters quickly find the services they are looking for when using the search features.

2) When punters know what you offer, they know what to expect when seeing you. This will prevent them from going beyond your boundaries. Do NOT add “69” to your “favourites” unless it is something you enjoy.

3) If you are offering a “favourite” in which you do not actually participate, you are wasting both your time and the punters’ time. This also causes the punter to leave a negative review about you after their visit.

4) “Favourites” are beneficial for you, as punters will not contact you asking what you offer or what you do not offer, as it’s already included on your “favourites” list.

5) Your “favourites” list should point out your unique services and should make you stand out amongst the crowd. You should NOT simply list everything possible in order to gain more attention, as this will backfire on you in the future.

Overall, expressing your uniqueness is essential for personal growth, creative expression, and making a meaningful contribution to the platform. At the end of the day, there is only ONE of YOU, so make it count and stand out from the crowd. List what you are comfortable with and services that will assist punters in finding the right person for them.

Keep this in mind when creating your “favourites” list and you’ll find that you’re overall more fulfilled with your meetings.

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