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Zoe Jaspers has worked in the adult industry for over a year, but she has already gained a fantastic reputation in the field. As a writer, she is passionate about bringing the reader some of the most interesting blog content around. She is possibly most famous for her erotic stories, but is equally adept at giving top quality sex advice, all the time bringing in her 'personal experiences'. When she isn't sharing her most intimate encounters, Zoe keeps herself active by watching videos on Youtube, and listening to music.

5 Types Of Clients That Sex Workers Hate

In the wake of Laura Lee’s granted right to judicial review of the law that criminalises sex buyers, I thought that a blog about sex work and sex workers is needed. Whether a person would be a prostitute, a pornstar, an escort, a mistress, an erotic masseuse, a gigolo, a master, that person would be providing customer service to his or her client that involves coitus, hence the term ‘sex worker’. Continue reading 5 Types Of Clients That Sex Workers Hate

How a Lesbian Escort Meeting Works!

When you hear the word ‘escort’, what is the first thing that you think about? Most of the friends that I’ve asked pictured a lady wearing a red velvet dress with black stilettos, and diamonds that’d probably cost the same as my mother’s life; you got to thank ‘Pretty Women’ for providing us with a stereotype for escorts. Continue reading How a Lesbian Escort Meeting Works!