Five of Ireland’s Most Popular Chinese Pornstars

For those that celebrate international events, the Orientals are going to welcome the year of the Rooster on the 28th January 2017. That’s right, the Chinese New Year isn’t that far off, and it will probably be the day where so many guys would masturbate to their favourite Chinese pornstars, or binge on Chinese takeaway meals.

Flag of the People's Republic of China

After living in the UK for all of my infant and adolescent life, I realise that no matter how many guys hook up with different women, there would always be a soft spot for Asian girls in men’s hearts and crotches. Having this epiphany when I was still in university also made me realise how many of my friends have at least one Asian adult actress in their ‘favourites’; Chinese pornstars to be precise.

Speaking of Chinese pornstars, have you heard of any of these babes before?

Kaylani Lei

 If you want to watch one of the top 50 hottest asian pornstars of all time on your screen, look up Kaylani Lei

Twitter: @KaylaniLive

Born in Singapore and raised in the USA, this Chinese-Filipino starlet is one of the most decorated girls in porn.

Winning a variety of AVN awards for her girl-on-girl and group sex scenes, as well as being ranked 24th on Complex Magazine’s ‘The Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars of All Time’, Kaylani Lei is known amongst many of her fans and co-workers that she has what it takes to blow hard for the show.

Does…does that even make sense? Well, it sounded cool. Outside of her pornographic work, she used to host her own show called ‘Me So Horny with Kaylani Lei’ on KSEX radio. Radio shows and podcasts are so underrated, nowadays…

Ava Devine

Do you want to know who the Queen of Freak is in the world of anal porn, MILFS, and solo masturbation? It's Ava Devine

Twitter: @1avadevine

Labelled as the ‘Queen of Freak’ on Pornhub, Ava Devine has made a name for herself within the world of anal sex, MILFS, and masturbation. I’ve had a look at some of her solo scenes, and I have to say, she knows how to wank herself to oblivion.

I also watched the scene where she managed to slide her fist up her own ass…I can’t help but feel quite impressed by that. With her cougar looks and her hardcore attitude, you can understand why so many of her fans have noted her as one of the top MILFS in the adult entertainment industry.

Miko Lee

Miko Lee is a unique oriental blend in the porn industry that knows how to suck dick and manage her own production company in the USA

Twitter: @miko_lee

Add a few South-East Asian herbs, a few Chinese spices, and some American seasoning in a late-night meal, and what do you get? Miko Lee.

Once she started doing blowjobs on camera, Lee began to pioneer porn into the new millennia, which is the same time your Dad used to insert his dirty VHS tapes in the player after you put on you’ve gone to sleep. If you don’t know what that means, it means that she’s been in the business since you were 3 years old!

The adult actress led the porn industry into the internet revolution, and has successfully started her own production company called ‘Miko Lee Productions’. Not the most descriptive title, but it still got her name out there.

Evelyn Lin

Amateur Anal Attempts 4’ and ‘Lesbian Office Seductions 8’ are just some of the films that turned Evelyn Lin into one of the most prolific Chinese pornstars on the internet

Twitter: @xEvelynLinx

Recognised by many Asian lovers for her talent in movies such as ‘Amateur Anal Attempts 4’ and ‘Lesbian Office Seductions 8’, Evelyn Lin may be one of the most prolific Chinese pornstars on the internet. I can’t help but pull a quote out from her bio on Pornhub because it fits her character so well:

“A quiet, nerdy Chinese girl next door, with a hot SoCal party girl.”

If you don’t think quote describes her personality on set, you should see all of her girl-on-girl and pussy worship scenes online. Oh, and GIFS of her orgasming on Tumblr.

Alina Li

Born in Shanghai, China, and living in the USA, Alina Li is one of the newest girls in porn to dominate the Asian-American scene

Twitter: @alinalixxx

Last, but not least, one of the other Chinese pornstars that you can’t stop getting hard over is Alina Li, who is one of the most dominating women in the Asian-American porn scene right now.

Born in the prolific city of Shanghai, Li began her porn career by bringing the dainty Asian stereotype to the camera. Schoolgirl outfits, neon colours, cheerleader socks, basically everything that you could fit into one Teen video.

However, as the years went by, Alina started to change her figure, when she started to get featured in films that involved a lot of double-ended dildos and big black cocks. Now that I’ve listed 5 of Ireland’s most popular Chinese pornstars, I’m going re-watch that video of Ava Devine fisting herself up the asshole because it’s strangely hypnotic…

Don’t forget to click on your favourite lady down below.

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