Flirt Like A Gentleman On St. Patrick’s Day

La gran tradición de comer comida de pub, beber grandes cantidades de Guinness y usar tanto verde como sea posible en el Día de San Patricio nunca flaquea, especialmente en Irlanda.

And you can bet that Dublin will be a party when that glorious date comes around the corner, where there will be at least one person to clink pint glasses with (responsibly), and one other person to flirt with.

Now, regardless of what gender you are, or which one you’re attracted to, no one likes a slobby flirt. Flirting is an art, and in order to create a magnificent piece of artwork, you need to finesse your hand skills and move away from the kitsch. In this case, your verbal and motor skills.

Flirting Tip #1 Be Your Natural Self

Listen up, it’s the Age of Aquarius, now. People are yearning for authenticity, and the best way to achieve that is being yourself when you’re surrounding by friends, acquaintances, and a brand new crowd. Now, we know that being yourself can put you in a vulnerable position, but going outside of your comfort zone is important for you to expand and get what you want. So when you do see a pretty lady or guy sipping on their drink next to you, make the bold move and introduce yourself. Go and get connected with another group of potential companions and slip in a joke that they all would get and chuckle at.</p> <p>In regards to what to talk about, the time of pretending that you have a Lamborghini parked up in your country home, that you’re the boss of a bank branch from the capital, or that your God’s gift to every desirable person on earth is over. The time of being you is happening right now, so throw out that fuckboy attitude and bring in your true gentleman vibes is going to help you get what you’re looking for on St. Patrick’s Day.

Flirting Tip #2: Make A Good First Impression

Remember when I said ‘be yourself’? It also comes into play when you want to flirt with a good first impression. Dressing to impress still should be taken into consideration when you’re planning to go out on St. Patrick’s Day, even if the thought of flirting with other sexy people isn’t the first thing to accomplish on your mind. Because, you know what, you never know. Make this year the year when you turn yourself into the fine Irish gentleman that you truly are, work some clay into your hair, put on your favourite aftershave, and turn on the best smile that you make when someone just lights you up.

Flirting Tip #3: Get Seen With Your Sexy Attitude

I’m not here to tell you to suddenly pull out that dance scene from Pulp Fiction in the middle of the pub floor. But what I am going to tell you is that you need to pull some kind of move in order to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by some potential partner(s). Don’t do that thing where you just laugh out loud for no reason because the only thing that you’re going to receive is weird looks. Don’t forget that you’re putting your authenticity on show, so express the things that you like talking about, or doing, and allow them to amplify when you’re around your friends.

From my experience, I like to be a little cheeky and throw out a semi-crude joke that would make others turn their heads and see how fine and awesome I am by my amplified attire and wicked tongue. But I make sure that I’m not too wicked at first; they need to get a taste of me before we would even decide to let them get a ‘taste’ of me…

Flirting Tip #4: Master The Art Of Seduction

The art of seduction is a skill that no woman, that I know of, needs to develop, because it just comes to them naturally – I’m not discriminating here! But for men, it can be easy it get a bit tongue-tied, and not in the good way. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, the biggest magic trick within the art of seduction is not with your hands, your lips, or your hips…it’s your eyes and smile. You look at the GIF below and you tell me that their eye-to-eye contact doesn’t denote any kind of stimulation.

Not all means of flirtation involves words. Sometimes, if not most of the time, little courses of action speak the loudest. If you’re someone who has a little trouble of looking into someone else’s eyes, it’ll be worthwhile to build your confidence in that, which will definitely help you express your thoughts to that pretty person at the bar and let them know that you like them.

Flirting Tip #5: Be Like Water And Go With The Flow

Now I’m not much of a spiritual person, but there is some reason and substance behind the phrase ‘be like water’, or to put it in a way that most of you would understand ‘go with the flow’. These words of wisdom should be applied to every conversion that you would go into with a special someone. This tip will require your dabble into your feminine side a bit and pick up on your intuition. When a topic ends during your communication with an attractive male or female, move on to the next one. Because you never know if that next topic is going to be a kinky one or not.

So guys and gals, just be like water…sexy water.

Flirting Tip #6: Let Your Fun Side Come Out

Again, I want to highlight the authenticity that some lovely companions would want to see shine out of you, and that also means your fun side. Come on, you’re going to be out in Dublin, Cork, or wherever to have some fun, right? So why not show that fun from within yourself?

I don’t know if you guys have heard of the Law Of Attraction, again, I’m not much of a spiritual person, but that shit is real. If like attracts like, then fun attracts fun. Letting out your fun side has the great capability to attract a seductive person who also has a fun side. So go ahead, throw out that cheesy pick-up line, say that joke the other person will chuckle at, and put on that cheeky grin to show them that you like where this is going.

Flirting Tip #7: Don’t Let Alcohol Become Your Cockblock

Now, we’re going to back track a little bit for the sake of not ruining your reputation on St. Patrick’s Day this year. We all know that a little Dutch courage goes a long way, but what will send you driving off that bridge is when you start fucking slurring your pick up lines that will make you look like a douchebag who’s left their brain on the pavement at Temple Bar. I may sound like a parental figure right now when I say ‘drink responsibly’, but if you’re not going to do that for your health (because let’s face it, you’re liver is going fuck you up when St. Patrick’s Day is over), but do it for your ego.

Just avoid saying phrases like what Ross Geller is saying in the GIF below, because, dude, love at first sight does exist, but scaring away that potential love by saying that word when your smashed may exude some weird vibes.

I know, I know. Talking to someone new in this digital age can leave you very timid and worried. But practice makes perfect, and who better to practice with if not a companion from Escort Ireland?

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