Falling in Love With An Escort: 3 Important Steps You Must Do

Once in our short lives, we fall in love with someone that we shouldn’t. Whether it would be a mate’s girlfriend, a work colleague, or an escort, you cannot help but start thinking about her while you play with your sausage at 11:36 PM.

Falling in Love With an Escorts 3 Important Steps You Must Do

Granted, people tend to overuse, if not misuse the word ‘love’. I mean, just because you masturbated over your English teacher a couple of nights in a row, doesn’t mean that your heart is pining for her; it’s just a little crush.

You’d know when you’re in love by feeling how you are with someone for more than 3 months, and by picturing your future life with her. Even though it’s rare that clients fall in love with escorts, it doesn’t mean that the lovebug cannot get to you.

And if it would happen to you, the reality you’d have to face is that a relationship with a courtesan will not work in the long run. I don’t want to get into detail about it, so just click on the hyperlink.

If you need some advice now because you’ve already started thinking about a particular courtesan while you’re at work, at the pub, and in the bath tub, you only need to do 3 important steps to get the lovesickness out of your system. If you’re the emotional type, then these steps are going to be hard for you to accomplish, but it will be for the best. Honestly.

1. Stop seeing the escort, but don’t ghost her

What do you do when you want to get over an ex as quickly as possible? You cut all forms of contact with them. So, what do you do when you want to get over a courtesan? You do the same and stop all of the communication with her.

Yes, most, if not all of the escorts wouldn’t have communication with you if you’re not organising meetings with them. However, if you are a regular client, then I think it would be common courtesy to just let her know that you’re going to have to stop seeing her.

You don’t have to explain the situation to her, but a simple statement would make the courtesan understand why she will have to lose one of her favourite clients for a short or long period of time.

If you're falling in love with an escort that you cannot have a romantic relationship with, stop seeing the escort
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2. Do what most single ladies do: focus on yourself

Whenever you’ve ended a relationship with someone, or get rejected by your crush, your friends will always try to do what they do best. And what will they do? Make you feel less lonely by going out for drinks and finding you a new girl to bang.

You would be tempted to find another courtesan to fill the hole in your heart that you had to dig out, but for most guys, it doesn’t always make them feel better afterwards, especially if they’re trying to get over someone. You’re supposed to feel the after-glow of an escort meeting, not the burnt-out flame of a depressed soul.

I would take a page out of the women’s book, and focus on other things that you enjoy, and things that make you focus on yourself.

when you're trying to get over any lady or escort, it's best to spend some time with yourself, and not see other ladies or escorts for a little bit.
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3. Chat to other punters to help you go through your love sickness

Okay, finding another lady to release your desire in, on, and around her may not be something that you should do when you’re still infatuated with an escort. However, that doesn’t mean turning into a hermit and writing ‘foreveralone’ on your forehead is the right way to move on either.

Believe me when I say finding closure from empathetic men can give you exactly what you need, whether falling in love with an escort is a big or little thing for you to deal with.

You know Escort-Ireland isn’t going anywhere, right? And you know that the forum is always there for a bit of banter and serious debate, right?

you shouldn't have to get over love alone, as there are many users on escort-ireland that love to chat to each other on the community forum. Plus, you can always confess your love for the escort anonymously to Father Casey
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Additionally, you know that used to have a page where we just confess a lot of crap, right? I was reminiscing about some of the confessions the other day, and the weirdest ones always cracked me up, as always.

“Can’t stop thinking about having my missus suck a ts/bi cock while I fuck her then having that cock go from here pussy to my mouth…”

“I have had a wonderful night of fucking with my adopted sister after her 21st birthday party. she really wanted me she said and did not disappoint either and loved every second of it.”


“Stole a packet of biscuits from my mums house cuz guests arrived unexpectedly.”

That last one was real. If you already have an account on there, you can always drop a thread and talk about your experience of falling for a courtesan while drinking your tea.

Realistically, there may not be a lot of men that have had the experience of producing feelings for an escort, but that shouldn’t make you disregard the number of clients that do end up getting lovesick. Love can be shit, and shit happens all the time. But life goes on, and so do escorts.

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