Choosing The Right Condom!

You grew up with everybody talking about the importance of condoms. So, you all know that protection is mandatory, especially when you are not in a relationship and you like having casual sex. Even though people are clean, well-dressed and well-mannered, condoms should not miss from the equation.

Assortment of coloured condoms

But, while you have been told so many times that you must use condoms, too few people gave you tips on how to choose them!

This is why, many of you think about condoms like they are the bad monsters that steal their pleasure away. Well, my friends, the truth is that you are giving up your pleasure when you don’t look for the right condom.

And guess what? If you pick the right one, it is exactly like choosing the perfect menu for a romantic dinner! So you better learn how to be safe and feel great, at the same time!

Size Matters

Before you become nervous and start wondering if you’re big enough, you should know that we are not talking about that, now. We already established that the size of your penis does not matter. But choosing the right condom for it does. Because, thought your beliefs might have been different, condoms are not one-size-fits-all.

Let me put it this way: would it be alright if all the sneakers in the world were one-size-fits-all? Would they fit everybody properly?

So, if you are one of those men who just go to the drug store and buy whatever condoms they sell…you are doing everything wrong! You’re whole sexual life is a lie and things can go wrong… What things? Well, every time you use the wrong size condom, you risk losing your erection, and your ability, as well as your partner’s capability of climaxing. Oops!

In addition, the wrong size condom lowers the contraceptive’s effectiveness and increases the risk of getting an STD (when it is too big it can slip, and when it is too small it can easily break).

So, if you did not know this until now, you can choose between Small, Regular, Large and Extra Large condoms. But before you make the choice you have to find out your size. You can easily do that by measuring your penis with a soft measuring tape or you can do what my cousin did…

Before he met his beautiful wife he was a ladies’ man. And while pleasure was extremely important for him, so was his health. So, he gathered all the info possible about condoms in order to find out how he can feel amazing and not get an STD or a girl pregnant.

And one of the things he had to do was to measure his penis in order to get the right size condom. But he did not have a soft measuring tape. And instead of moving his ass and buying one, he searched for a friendlier method…I have to admit that men are more inventive than I thought…

He took a cardboard tube of an empty toilet paper roll and put his erected penis in it. This might have been useful for him, but I find it hilarious.

Anyway, if you plan to do what my cousin did, you should know how to read the results, right? So, if there’s extra room, you should go for a small condom. If it’s too tight just get a large one and if there’s just little room, you are a medium condom user.

Now, this worked for my cousin and it seems that it did for other men who post their stories online. However, I suggest you get a soft measuring tape and get that penis measured correctly before you go shopping for condoms.

From a Necessary Evil to a Pleasure Giver

Besides the fact that condoms come in different sizes, you can also find an impressive variety. Luckily, this diversity keeps more people safe and at the same time, it makes them more content with their sexual life. And you know what they say: different strokes for different folks.

This also means that if you still believe that condoms are pleasure thieves, you are probably using the wrong rubbers, my dear. So, besides picking the right size, you also need to wear the right material.

Many people complain about the fact that latex condoms do not give them the feelings they should have. Fortunately, now we have the ultra-thin condoms, which inevitably bring more pleasure, or offer the chance to be closer to a condom-free experience. And the best part is that the fact that it is thinner, doesn’t make it less safe.

But if you are a latex hater, you don’t have to go naked. Yes, celebrate that because it is good news. Or consider it a reason to be sad because you have no excuse for not using protection.

Now, you can opt for Lambskin condoms. Yes, you guessed: these are made of lambskin, and though many people complained about their smell, they look like skin, feel like skin (of course, that’s what they are) and they will make you forget all about latex. However, they are more expensive than the usual condoms, and they are not preventing you from getting STDs. So, if you want Lambskin on your skin, you better be in a relationship with someone you trust.

If latex is not your friend and Lambskin doesn’t sound as a good idea, you can go for Polyurethane condoms. Even though they are known for being thicker, it seems that this material heats up to the same temperature as the one your body has. You know what this means, right? Well, yes, of course, they are very expensive but they also make you feel like you are not wearing them…

Since we are talking about expensive rubbers, I should also mention the Tactylon condoms. They are known for stretching and taking the form of your penis. But besides the natural fit they offer and the high prices they have, they are also very hard to find…so you better work with what you have available.

Lube: Friend or Foe?

Using lubricant is most of the times desirable, isn’t it? However, you should all be careful with pre-lubricated condoms, as they are not always the best choice. It might be a better idea to use whatever lube you want on your unlubricated condoms.

However, if you want to spice things up, you can go with condoms with lubes that add different sensations to your sex session. So are you ready for warming, cooling and even tingling condoms?

Some people don’t like not having control over their sensations, and I am one of them. However, I know many people who are very into these kinds of rubbers.

If you want a suggestion, just try them and find out what type of condom user you are. Have fun!

Taste the Rainbow!

As you can see there are many things you should think about when you search for your perfect type of condom. Even the shape matters when it comes to the way it fits you. And you have to know that different brands make them differently shaped.

So, the only way to find “your” shape is by trying what’s on the market. You can’t complain about trying different kinds of condoms, can you? It’s like you asked me to start trying different flavours of ice-cream. Yes, please!

And that’s not all. There are condoms with ribbs and with a special texture for increasing the ladies’ pleasure. I guess you already know that when it comes to colour and flavour the diversity of condoms is overwhelming.

I cannot give you an advice when it comes to your favorites colour or the taste your partner might like! That’s personal! However, but keep in mind that using flavoured condoms without lube for vaginal and anal sex is not recommended unless you want to risk irritating your lady’s intimate parts.

Now, as you can see there are plenty of things you should take into consideration when choosing a condom. At the same time, there are many different types of condoms to try in order to figure out what works best for you and your partner. So, start by measuring your penis so you can find the best condom size and then begin experimenting.

With such a variety of condoms available out there finding the perfect match is not going to be easy, but at least, it’s fun searching for “the one”!

Anna Smith

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