Busting Myths About Condoms

Everybody knows the team here support safe sex. That is a stance that is backed by all the companions who advertise on our site, and you will find none that offer ‘bareback’. However, let’s be real here; there is a real thought that using a condom makes sex worse. It is true that it is better than the prospect of STI’s or unwanted pregnancies, but it may not feel half as good. There are also other issues people see with them that make them necessary, but anything but popular.

Woman holding a condom

Still, it seems these theories may not be true. ‘What are you talking about Martin?’, I hear you ask. Well, there is an answer to that.

So, without much further ado, here are a few myths we are busting regarding condoms. Maybe it will change a few opinions out there.

1) Condoms Make Sex Worse

On the contrary, the more someone feels safe during sex, the more they are going to enjoy it. Those women who use a hormonal contraceptive AND a condom feel more pleasure that those who choose not to use a rubber, and they also feel more pleasure with a condom than just using the withdrawal method.

What can you say? There is no aphrodisiac like safety.

2) Condoms Feel Rubbish

38% of men aren’t affected at all, and of the 32% who did report condoms being an issue, they usually had erectile dysfunction issues which had to no relation to condom use whatsoever.

Many men who complain about them may actually be using the wrong size condom. This is according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Therefore they should try to use different sizes, and get the one that fits them best.

3) ‘Condoms Always Break’

Well, that just isn’t true. It is more likely to happen on 2% of occasions.

When it does happen, it will likely be for one of two reasons. Firstly, they may not be not using enough lube (friction can cause breakage). Secondly, they could be ignoring the expiry date. Slap on the lube and check your dates and you should be OK.

4) Condoms are a Pain in the Ass

You get to the moment of pleasure; you then have to get the packet, open it, and then put it on carefully. Sounds a ballache, right?

Well, lets compare that to the use of the pill. You have to make an appointment with the doctor, get repeat prescriptions, and after all that, remember to take the bloody things. That is all before the lady has to cope with the hormonal changes that will usually take place.

The condom doesn’t sound half as bad now, does it?

So, there we have it. There is no form of contraception that is perfect, but our old friend may not be half as bad as you think.

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