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Why do men visit escorts? It’s a question that a lot of people often ask. Just as often, unfortunately, escorts and courtesans are portrayed as an evil and homewreckers. But no one ever bothers to find out the real reasons. Well, I’m here to break them to you.

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A) To brag to friends and ‘because my friend tried you too’

Men sometimes love to brag about their conquests, just as much as women do ( I’m being completely fair here). Whether it’s a woman they picked up in a bar, or simply a woman they made a booking with, men do love to talk about the ‘booty’ they had fun with. I sometimes had the ‘I got your number off a friend’ call and ‘I wanted to see if you’re the real deal’.

B) An easier and discrete hook-up without the awkwardness of a morning after

A sex worker who knows a thing or two knows that discretion is the key for a profitable and flourishing business. And men secretly love a woman who is independent and doesn’t need or want a relationship. It is well known that a sex worker won’t text you or call you unless you fail to show up for your appointment.

Men also prefer meeting an escort rather than spending hours chatting up a girl in a bar, only to be blown off in the end. An escort will always welcome them with a smile, a gentle touch, some sexy moves and the end result is sex. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

And even in the event of an overnight, there won’t be that awkward exchange of looks in the morning, or the ‘who will make the next move?’. No one will be left wanting more, because both parties know what they get involved in.

C) Better an escort than a…mistress?

Now here comes the tricky part…men cheat, women cheat, and, everyone has done it at some stage. An escort is a more refined mistress. What’s the difference you ask me? There’s plenty of them. An escort will never expect the person visiting her to get a divorce and run off into the sunset with them. I’m not saying that we are emotionally unavailable, or that we don’t love getting spoiled, but we will never expect that any of our clients to run off to our house with divorce papers in their hands.

Again, discretion runs hand in hand with our profession. We will never ever text a client, asking how their day was, or any other question, unless we already talked it through with the person in question. We know better. Because at the end of the day it’s a job like any other.

D) I am happily married but I want to explore something else, or I don’t get sex at home…

Sometimes, married men who visit escorts don’t see it as cheating. Sometimes marriages, no matter how happy they are, lack sex (especially after kids arrive). And that’s ok. That doesn’t mean that married men who visit escorts love their families less. It’s just normal for the honeymoon years to pass.

And escorts are never going to judge you because of that. Because they know it is normal for things like that to happen.

Other times, men are scared to discuss with their partners about their sexual fantasies for fear of being judged or considered weird. Luckily for them, there are a wide array of services and escorts, more than happy to help them explore some of their kinky sides. And it’s comforting to discuss them with a complete stranger who won’t judge about some fetishes or fantasies.

E) Out of loneliness or shyness or fear of rejection

As much as we hate to admit it, even the strongest characters get lonely sometimes. It happens to the best of us. Whether there’s a job which doesn’t allow you to socialize much, or whether you’re shy and feel awkward chatting up someone up in a bar or club, we need human contact to survive, or at least not go crazy.

It works both ways. Even us escorts, despite our job, may be shy in our personal life. I know I am…I’m so shy I can’t even utter two words when a guy starts talking to me out of the blue in a coffee shop.

I sometimes asked men who visited me why they were single and the most common answer was shyness. Although confident in bed, they were too shy to talk to a pretty woman in a normal situation.

And again that’s perfectly okay.

F) They lost their significant other and don’t want to engage in another serious relationship

Losing someone you care for, or love, is never easy. It’s never easy when you lose your significant other with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your days with.

That doesn’t mean you don’t take every day as it is and try to make the most of it. People cope in different ways with their loss, whether it’s with work or a new hobby. Still, they need human contact.

Some people move on with their lives and start a new relationship after a grieving period of time and some just don’t want to engage in a new relationship because they consider they have already met their soulmate once.

But still, regardless whether we want to start a new relationship or not, we are human and we still have needs.

G) Fear of commitment or they don’t want to commit

I know it may sound the same as a previous reason I listed, but there are people out there who are perfectly happy not being in a relationship or in a marriage. People who are too busy with their careers to even think of a relationship.

Their lives are perfectly okay the way they are and they don’t need a ring on their finger or a Facebook status to validate anything about them.

Some people are also afraid of commitment. They’re afraid that once they agree to something, they might not be able to make their partner happy, so they settle for choosing an escort.

Their agreement is mutual and again both parties know that when the time runs out they just go back to their own routine and life.

I really hope that I listed all of the reasons why men visit escorts and I hope that through this article people will change their conception of us. If you think of a reason I didn’t list please feel free to drop a comment.

Until then, take care. Feel free to follow me on Twitter!

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