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The Ultimate Guide For Escorts

It is fair to say that not all escorts who works on this site are experienced. Hey, we all have to start somewhere no matter what our job is. Also, not every client is a good guy. Most are, but a number are assholes. Therefore it is important that an escort knows what they are doing from the word go, because if they don’t they could be in danger of getting ripped off, or maybe something even worse happening. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide For Escorts

Step Up and Help Sex Worker Safety – Laura Lee Blog

No doubt by now, you’ll be familiar with the traditional discourse around sex work, particularly in Ireland. Sex workers are either poor coerced, trafficked women (and it is ALWAYS women) or we’re clever and manipulative, exploiting others for our own gain. More than anyone, I know how difficult that is to read, when those who have never even met you try to speak to your core as an individual and make all sorts of assumptions, more often than not for their own benefit. These are very difficult times in Ireland, fear is widespread and working conditions under constant threat. Yet still, we remain a very strong community, looking out for one and other. Continue reading Step Up and Help Sex Worker Safety – Laura Lee Blog

The Laura Lee Blog – 127 Years Later

Originally from Limerick, Mary Kelly arrived in the UK at a young age and spent her early years in Cardiff. Following the breakdown of her marriage, Kelly arrived in the West End of London and became a sex worker. On the face of it she appeared content. She had love interests and a great working relationship with other street sex workers in the area. She was a kind soul and known for taking other sex workers into her home; those who had fallen on hard times. As we say in Ireland she was “fond of a drink” and on the night she died, she was heard by several witnesses, merrily singing Irish tunes; never to be heard from again. Continue reading The Laura Lee Blog – 127 Years Later