A Guide to Breath Play

So you enter a dark room and someone comes from behind, grabs you, throws you on your bed and tightens his hands around your neck…until you feel you’re going to pass out…Nightmare? Or…is this a fantasy?

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For some people, this is a nightmare and only thinking that it can really happen gives them goose bumps, but there are also people who think about this kind of scenario and begin feeling aroused, as well as there are people who do this in order to have a satisfying sexual life.

The Orgasm to Die For

Sexual asphyxia, also known as breath play, erotic asphyxiation, hypoxiphilia or asphyxiophilia is choking or strangling someone during sex, to intensify an orgasm.

There are many ways used to intentionally stop oxygen to go to the brain in order to sexually arouse somebody. Some people only use their bare hands, while others enjoy playing with ropes, collars, plastic bags, pillows and whatever they find suitable for stopping their partner to properly breath.

This can be practiced by couples who get turned on by danger and who are interested in combining the state induced by the lack of air with an orgasm, or by people who enjoy it as a way of masturbation.

People who engage in this type of activity are referred to as gaspers, and they make many of you might feel shocked and wonder why they do it??? Well, as mentioned above, some find the danger more than appealing and combining the physical effect with the psychological one, you get something very powerful.

The truth is that we are all looking for a strong effect in everything we do. However, not all of us risk going too far to get it.

Yes, there are lots of risks, but at the same time it is known that the lack of oxygen gives people a semi-hallucinogenic state that, combined with climax is said to be as powerful and addictive as cocaine!

You can choose not to try this, but you can’t blame people for being interested in it. We all do things that might harm us. However, is there a way to make this safe? Well, to be honest, nothing is 100% safe, is it? But there are less dangerous ways to do everything, even if it’s choking someone during sex!

Can’t You Just Hold Your Breath?

When I talked about this with a friend I was asked if holding our breath gives the same effect. Well, NO, it does not. I mean, you can hold your breath, but you won”t feel the excitement. It’s like asking somebody who loves sweets and really wants chocolate if he can eat some sugar instead. It’s still sweet, isn’t it?

What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t have the same effect. Besides the fact that the orgasm without oxygen feels great, people who practice breath play are also excited by the risks involved.

Know the Risks You Are Taking

Risks give some people pleasure…but taking risks can be dangerous. And here’s what can happen in this particular case.

Our brain needs a large amount of oxygen and dies rapidly without it. So, if you stop yourself, or your partner from breathing for too long, brain damage or even death can occur.

Another risk that might appear is the danger of having a massive heart attack. This can happen 15 or 20 minutes after you’re done with your play, so yes, people with heart issues are in a greater danger.

Last but not least, you must keep in mind that your brain might stop functioning properly, so you, as well as your partner might not know when to stop. This is why both of you should be very careful at reading body language in order to keep the play safe.

Well, as you can see, with the possibility of being choked to death, having a heart attack or getting your brain damaged, you cannot remove breath play from the list of dangerous sexual games. However, you can try to take the “safer” ways towards this type of pleasure…

Don’t Do It by Yourself

As mentioned before, some people do this by themselves, putting their head in a plastic bag or tying a rope or belt around their neck while masturbating. This is auto-erotic asphyxiation and it’s more dangerous than playing with your partner since, in case something happens, there is no one there to help!

This is why, you should keep this as a game for two. But, if you really love masturbating while strangling yourself, how about not being home alone? Tell your best friend what you’re up to…just in case. Better safe, than sorry, right?

Talk Before You Choke

Even though you consider erotic asphyxiation a sensual and fulfilling experience, your partner, might not. So, don’t try to choke him, or her, like in the story we started with.

No choking surprises, please! Just talk to your partner and make sure there is an absolute comfort in your decision. It’s not all about you! Both of you should feel comfortable and safe!

Agree on a Safe Signal

When I engaged in BDSM play, a word always kept me safe. Knowing that you have something you can use in case you feel the danger helps you relax a bit, right? Well, unfortunately when you are choked, you can’t actually open your mouth and say a safe word, can you?

However, you can agree on a safe signal. And never hesitate to use it if you stop feeling comfortable with whatever you and your partner are doing!

In conclusion, there are a couple of things you can do to avoid danger, but with all the measures you take, sexual asphyxia cannot be considered a “safe” activity. Oh well, neither can riding a motorcycle or rock climbing, right? So, all you can do is be careful and know when not to do it or when to stop! Now, keeping the safety tips in mind, go enjoy your kinky breath play!

Anna Smith

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