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Top Tips For The Disabled Client

Arranging a date with one of the local escorts can be nerve-racking. They are all so gorgeous and talented at what they do that you feel truly lucky to get to enjoy a romantic date with them, even with some of the ridiculous things that people believe about the sex industry. However, the thought of going on a date with an escort if you are a disabled client can be even more frightening, so you worry that perhaps the escort won’t want to see you. Continue reading Top Tips For The Disabled Client

How to Make Her Squirt

Some women don’t know how to orgasm, while others need little more than a few nibbles of their necks in order to reach orgasmic heights. There are a few who are able to squirt their juices all over you and the bed when they come. Although we would like to believe that every woman is capable of doing this on demand, in fact only 5% of women admit to having squirted. Continue reading How to Make Her Squirt

Should you have an Affair with Someone at Work?

For many, the question of having an affair is not about if, but when. Obviously, throughout history, one of the things that has become a staple in making an affair work is to make sure that you do not get emotionally involved with someone from work. There are numerous parables and proverbs throughout the world which state that a person must never engage in an affair with somebody you work with. Continue reading Should you have an Affair with Someone at Work?