Why Do People Date Escorts?

If you were to believe the general public, those who date escorts do it only because they want only one thing and have no other way of getting it. However, there is so much more to it, as we know here on Escort Ireland!

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So why are people drawn to escorts? Why do they want to spend time dating them? We take a look at a few of the different reasons people want to see escorts, and why punters punt.

No time for relationships

Maintaining a relationship requires a lot of time and effort. For most of us, we don’t have a lot of time to spare. Work and our other commitments make it difficult to give another person the dedication they need, but we still want to feel that connection to a person.

If you date escorts you get that connection without having to dedicate time to a traditional relationship. Instead of doing the whole wining and dining thing, or risking it for a one-night stand, you make an appointment with a gorgeous courtesan and get to have the kind of dream date most people only dream of.

Those punters who spend a lot of time travelling around for work might find it difficult to have a girlfriend or a wife because they spend so much time away. So instead they’ll book a date with an escort, take them out to dinner, and get to know them better in the privacy of a hotel room. There are no commitments once the booking is done. The punter and the escort go their separate ways with fantastic memories.

Relationships require time to maintain and sometimes you just don't have that
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Seeking companionship

People often think that punters only see escorts for sex. They believe that they have one-track minds and that a fuck is the only thing they care about. But there is so much more to escorting than sex, and it is actually companionship that punters are seeking some of the time.

There’s no judgement from escorts. They are willing to listen to what you have to say, so if you need to rant about work or just talk to someone, they will be there for you. As we’ve said earlier, if you don’t have the time to maintain a relationship, choosing to date escorts gives you that intimacy with someone and companionship in a new way.

Confidentiality is key, meaning you can talk to them about pretty much anything. They’ll listen without judging you, simply giving you someone to talk to when you need it the most.

It isn't all about sex. Sometimes you just want a companion
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Fulfilling a fantasy

Because being with an escort means no judgement, they often become the perfect companions for those eager to try something new in the bedroom. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you might find it difficult to open up about the things that you really want to try.

It could be that you have been judged in the past, or perhaps even rejected, for the kinky things you’d like to do. Maybe your partner has little experience with it? That isn’t the case with escorts.

There are so many talented escorts out there, all with a number of different interests and skills. For example, if you are hoping to spend time with an Irish dominatrix, you’ll find plenty to choose from. This means that you’ll be able to date escorts with the skills to help you fulfil your deepest fantasy… so what are you waiting for?

Being judged for your fetishes makes it difficult to explore them in a relationship
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Why do you date escorts?

Everyone has their own reasons for calling up an escort and arranging a date. You might want to try something new and explore a fetish you have had for a long time. Maybe you simply want to enjoy companionship without having to commit to a relationship?

We all have different reasons, so what is yours? Why is it that you choose to date escorts? We want to hear from you. Let us know in the comment box below if any of the reasons above apply to you, or if you have a reason that hasn’t been included.

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