Is This The Future Of Female Orgasms?

Orgasms aren’t rocket science. And yet there are plenty of women out there left unsatisfied with sex because their partner spends more time focusing on their own orgasm. The female orgasm is easy to achieve if you listen to your partner, but it seems that things might be getting a little easier in the future.

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No, we aren’t talking sex toys. We are talking about a machine which is being hailed as the machine to help with female orgasms. Something that can increase your sexual pleasure in a way that Kegel exercises can’t. So is this machine really the future of the female orgasm?

The original aim of the machine

The machine wasn’t intended to help with female orgasms. In fact, it started out life as something else entirely. Brent Reider was hoping to create something to help deal with female urinary incontinence, and hoped to do so by using a neuromuscular electrical stimulator (better known as an NMES) to do so.

It would work by helping to strength the woman’s pelvic floor muscles. This could then help them when it comes to bladder control, childbirth, and even the general effects of ageing. With a strong pelvic floor, women feel more confident.

The issue is that a woman’s pelvic floor isn’t exactly simple. Reider discovered something many female researchers have found before, which is that the pelvic floor is a complicated thing. It helps to control many different aspects of the body, including sexual pleasure.

The Yarlap device could lead to better orgasms
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Better than Kegel exercises?

Most women will know how to do Kegel exercises. It requires contracting and relaxing certain muscles. It is said to not only help you better control your bladder, but also to tighten your pussy and make it so that your pleasure in the bedroom is more intense. Best of all, you can do them at any time, whether you are in a meeting at work or in bed at night.

The problem is that women don’t practice them enough to make a huge difference… and when we do, we don’t get the results we wanted. We might get really good at tightening those muscles to make our pussy feel tighter to our partner, but it might not be enough to increase our pleasure.

It turns out that Reider’s device can actually do more for us than Kegel exercises can. He found that, not only did it help to cure incontinence in women, but it also “heightens a woman’s ability for sexual satisfaction”. The Yarlap can really help… but is it worth it?

There are so many devices to help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
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The future of female orgasms

The future of female orgasms might set you back a fair amount of money. In fact, the device is currently being sold at a discount, but will still set you back $299. This works out at just under €275. This is a hell of a price for an orgasm!

So is it worth it? We aren’t so sure. Surely there are other cheaper ways to get a great orgasm? For example, taking the time to really enjoy foreplay and talk to your partner about what you want can help.

What do you think? Would this machine be worth it for the fantastic side effect of better orgasms, or would you rather do other things in the bedroom to give her the orgasm of her life? We want to hear from you, so leave a comment in the box below or vote in the poll!

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