Escort Ireland Has Made a Video For You!

Listen up, everyone! Escort Ireland has got something that it wants to show you!

Number 18 for a birthday

As some of you may already know, this directory has been on the site for 18 years now; 18 years of hosting the advertisers’ service, hearing all of your kinky confessions, and writing up kinky articles that make your dicks hard and your pussies wet. An 18th Birthday is a pretty special time for any person to experience. It’s when you’re allowed to go into bars, to buy your own car, and to watch an R-Rated movie at the cinema!

Now, Escort Ireland isn’t going to go into a bar, order a skinny mojito, and chat up a bunch of ladies to celebrate its 18th year on the net. Instead, the directory wants to celebrate its birthday by saying a big thank you to all of the users, and creating a video which everyone at the office wants you to see!

I don’t know which part of the video looks the most hilarious, the part where God is looking up for all of the courtesans on the site, or the part where the historian was drinking a bottle of censored whisky!

Escort Ireland supports sex workers

The directory has come a long way since 1998, when it was starting off as a simple site where punters can find beautiful courtesans to encounter. After the years went by, Escort Ireland has developed into something more than just a mere directory; it’s now a network that many people can log onto and connect with others.

One of the greatest goals that the directory is currently fighting for is the legalisation of safe sex work; not only in Ireland but also around the world. I know that the sentence may sound corny to you, but it’s true! The site is happy and grateful to have the sex workers’ rights campaigner, Laura Lee, publishing blogs on the site and standing against the criminalization of sex the sex industry.

As well as advocating the legalisation of safe sex work, it’s making the courtesans work as hard as they can to receive the recognition that they deserve; just have a look at the amount of girls that have won ‘escort of the month’ if you don’t believe me! However, there are more reasons why the escorts want to stick with the directory…

Happy workers and happy escorts

Throughout the years, the directory has also established the importance of taking care of both new and loyal advertisers, which has helped them create a relationship with many of the lovely women on the site. Let’s take some example of how great the relationship is between the employees and the advertisers.

Marta, from the customer service team, could never be left upset or miserable after having a lively, jokey conversation with a friendly escort on the phone.

I remember the time when I had to do an interview with a financial dominatrix, when I was supposed to ask a few questions about her profession, only to chat about all of the similar stories that we have experienced! Oh God, I also remember the moderators subtly listening to my conversation with the domme, and then asking me if I know all of the tricks to ‘whip them into shape’ by now!

Some of the escorts on the site just like to talk to the team in the office, who are all happy and friendly enough to have a conversation with. One of the other customer service workers, Olivia, was offered a recipe for a meal to make for her boyfriend by one of the escorts she was talking to one day. The directory wouldn’t be a great site to be on if the workers and the advertisers weren’t able to have simple conversations about food, anecdotes or silly little jokes!

Thank you, sexy escorts!

Overall, Escort Ireland just wants to thank you for being with us throughout the years. If it wasn’t for the loyal advertisers that use the site to advertise their services, the directory wouldn’t exist today. Oh, and if you’ve skipped watching the video at the beginning of this blog, go back and watch it!

Also, let us know what you think about the video in the comments section below or on the community forum! Escort Ireland has been keeping you company for 18 years, and we want to keep you company for many years to come!

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