You Can Now Clone Your Own Willy

There are so many kinky toys available right now, that making a complete list would take us a long time. Some of them are very special, while others are just, you know, sex toys.

A young man has stuffed a large cucumber down his underpants

Clone-A-Willy’s cock casting kit is one of the special things available for all kinky toys lovers. This is a kit that will help you make a perfect copy of any penis.

Some of you might be asking themselves right now, “Why the hell would I need a clone of my own penis?”. Really guys? Can’t you see how naughty a homemade dildo that looks and feel just like the real thing could be if you gave it to the right person?

We Present You the Clone-A-Willy Kit!

Clone-A-Willy Kit seems to be very popular among men who just want to have fun and it is sold all over the world. Sex toy columnists and sex toy freaks love it, so it’s all over the Internet, in TV shows and even movies. Why haven’t you heard about it until now? Well, maybe your lady is right, and you don’t pay too much attention to the things around you!

Who came up with this naughty idea? Empire Labs is a US based company that is responsible for creating skin-like materials intended for medical and prosthetic use, and also for special effects scenes in famous Hollywood movies.

Now, Empire Labs has some fun and gives you, as well as your ladies, the chance to join them in this kinky play. So, what do you say? Are you interested in learning how to clone your Willy?

How to Clone Your Willy

The first thing you should do is, of course, get the kit. Everything comes in a box, which includes very clear instructions. And, unlike in other cases, you should follow the instructions without adding or forgetting anything. Otherwise, you risk destroying your kit without making a jelly, vibrating penis out of it.

If you need more than the instructions you get, you can watch a demonstration video which shows you all the steps.

However, in order to avoid censorship, instead of a penis, this video uses a cucumber. Since that is straight and it doesn’t have a body attached to it, it kind of makes things easier. So, keep that in mind!

Step 1: Make your mould and insert the penis

The first step is to measure your penis and the tube, mark it, and cut! The tube, not the penis! Make the mould, put it in the tube and insert your penis into it.

The good news is that the tube provided is enormous, so you don’t have to worry if your penis is huge, because you can make the dildo anyway.

The bad news is that I strongly believe there is no way you can do this without spilling mixture everywhere. So be ready to clean the mess after your Willy-clone is ready! Also, your penis should be erect the whole time, but I don’t think this is a problem for you, is it?

Step 2: Cure Your Cast

After giving the mould a few hours to dry, mix and pour the silicone. Take your time and mix it for at least two minutes, in order to make sure the clone of your penis will be as smooth as the real deal.

Step 3: Add the Vibrator

Finally, the last step is to add the vibrator. It would not be complete if it didn’t vibrate, right? Make sure you insert it in the middle of the mixture, and let it rest for one day in order to be fully cured. Then, remove the dildo from the tube. Ta-taaaa!

Are You Ready to Clone Your Penis?

As mentioned, many of you might not see the point of making a clone of their penis, especially since there are so many sex toys out there. Well, why not do it anyway? First of all, it can be fun! Yes, it might get messy, but messy things are usually fun, so cheer-up and clone your Willy!

Secondly, it makes a useful and, at the same time hilarious gift for your girl, doesn’t it?

Anna Smith

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