Anal Play With Escorts: The Right Way To Do It

For some, anal play with escorts is a tempting area, and for others, this is a taboo. No matter which group you belong to, the ass is a spot you should explore sooner or later.

Sexy woman showing her ass to entice anal play with escorts.

And probably now, that you think about it, you realize how fun it can be. Not only does anal play make you feel like a naughty boy, but it can also give pleasure to both you and your escort. If it’s done right, of course.

How much pleasure? Many described anal orgasms as the most intense of their lives. This statement makes you even more curious, doesn’t it? If you really want to get kinky, continue reading this article and find out which is the right way to do anal play with escorts.

Yes, Means Yes: Consent

If you are not already aware, you should know that not all women are into anal exploration. Each has her reason to say “no”. Some are afraid of the possible pain, while others just don’t see any point in having anal sex. But there are also many ladies who love it when you play with their ass, and some say they experience incredible orgasms during anal play.

Yes means yes | The art of consent
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The same happens with escorts. Though you pay for their services, they are regular women, with personal likes and dislikes. So, if you want to try anal with your escort, you should make sure she is offering this service. Otherwise, find somebody else, because insisting won’t get you anywhere.

Lube: The More the Better For Anal Play

Playing with the ass is a bit different than playing with the pussy. The first thing you’ll notice is that your escort’s pussy gets wet fast, but her butt needs some help. In this case, lube is your best friend. A huge amount of lube!

Without proper lubrication, you have no chance to make anal play with escorts smooth and pleasurable. How else could you easily slip your finger or your penis inside?

But wait! Don’t go there yet. Begin with using the lube to massage her ass. This way your escort will relax, get used to you playing with your fingers, and get ready for a kinky play. you want her to completely unwind because the more loosen she is, the more fun you’ll both have. 

Are You Ready For A Bit of Tongue?

Anal play involves a lot of things…and, though for many this is the ultimate taboo, the tongue is one of them. The question is: are you ready to eat some ass?

If yes, you better begin slowly, with soft kisses that can easily turn anybody on. Afterwards, your tongue is ready for action. How to do it? Well, just like when you’re eating pussy. Just make sure your tongue is flat most of the time to avoid getting tired fast and having tongue aches. Easy, right?

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One more thing you should know if you plan a butt munching session is that they make special lube for this. It is, of course, water-based so you won’t have to stick your tongue the silicone one. And guess what? Some of them are not only vegan-friendly, natural lubes without harmful chemicals, but they also have tasty flavours. Yummy, right?

And if you didn’t know until now, ass eating is also known among enthusiasts who love playing in the backyard, as rimming. Sure, you don’t need to know the name in order to be great at it. But you should, in case your escort listed rimming as one of her favourites or it is on her “no-no” list.

Take it Easy and Be Careful with Your Moves

As mentioned before, anal play with escorts is different than when you play with your their pussies. You have to be more careful and always make sure there is enough lube before you go diving in with toys or your penis.

So, after you lubricated her ass and softly played with your fingers and tongue, you can say you had enough foreplay and can move on and get even kinkier. Whether you plan to use a few anal toys or have anal sex you have to be very careful with your moves. Take it easy because otherwise you risk not only ruining this experience but also hurting your escort.

Also, don’t do anything more than what both of you agreed before you began this kinky play. What you might see as a good idea, your escort can see completely different. So, play it cool. Nobody likes surprises when their ass is on the table.

Keep it Sexy and Clean

You don’t have to be an expert to understand how important hygiene during sex, but especially when it comes to anal play. This kinky area is surrounded by dangerous bacteria.

Yes, I know, you are going to play with a clean ass but, even so, no matter how clean it is, bacteria still might be lurking around. So, you have to be very careful, especially when you want to switch from the back to the front. You don’t want to spread the bacteria to the escort’s pussy, do you? So, make sure you wash your hands and all the toys you used before you begin fooling around with her pussy. This way your play will not only be sexy and fun but also safe and clean.

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