Edging Can Make Your Solo Sessions Better!

When you are masturbating you might find that it tends to get repetitive. You’ll usually do exactly the same things, such as opening up your favourite porn site, finding a video you like, and jerking off to it. When you are done, you might feel disappointed by the lack of variety, or even how long you lasted. If so, you might want to consider edging.

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Edging is a fun technique that you can try during masturbation, and even sex, to make things more intense. You’ll last longer in bed, learn more about what turns you on, and get the most intense orgasms of your life. Sounds good doesn’t it? So keep reading to find out more.

What is edging?

It sucks when you cum too soon. There’s no better way of putting it. When it happens you are left feeling really disappointed and frustrated with yourself, and if you don’t have an understanding partner it can really ruin the moment.

There are so many different things that people might try in bed to try and get themselves to last a little longer. They might employ cock rings, try extra thick condoms, or use numbing lubes so that each stroke isn’t as intense or as likely to make them blow their load. However, there is another solution: edging.

When you edge, you are basically playing with your limit. You’ll find the edge of your orgasm, which can then help you to last that little bit longer in bed. It is sometimes referred to as your point of no return, and when you know where it is, you know when to stop during sex or masturbation.

The key with this technique is that people will play with the edge. You are, effectively, teasing yourself. You’ll bring yourself as close to the edge of your orgasm as you dare and then stop. When you have come down, you’ll take yourself to the brink. You will do this over and over again until you cannot stand anymore.

Found that you don't last long enough? Edging can help
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Why it works

The whole point of finding your edge is that you learn where your point of no return is. This is the point of your orgasm where you cannot stop it from happening. Once you have crossed that line, there is no coming back from it.

By learning where your limits are, you can better control your orgasm. You might simply stop stimulation completely, or you might try something else while you come back from the edge.

Some people like to slow down at this point, while others find that they have to stop completely. But you get to know yourself better, which can then help you a hell of a lot when it comes to sex or even your masturbation sessions.

Teasing yourself in this way really helps you control your orgasms
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Your edge when masturbating

You might be wondering just what difference this might make to your masturbation sessions, but it can really change things up. Not only will you learn more about your body, but you’ll also discover that orgasms can be far more intense from using this technique.

Using these techniques successfully during your masturbation sessions means that you’ll have a better chance of putting them into practice during sex. You’ll know what works for you, and so can help your partner to slow things down and tease you.

Not sure where to start? There are plenty of different masturbation challenges based on edging. One of them is the 100 to 1 challenge, which is a lot of fun to try. You basically start counting backwards from 100 down to 1, but you are jerking off at the same time.

Sounds easy, right? It is a lot harder than it seems. You might go a little too hard and fast and find that you are close to cumming, but still only halfway through the numbers. This means that you have to slow down and tease yourself. It can lead to an incredible orgasm when you do finally reach the number 1, and is even more fun to try with a partner!

It makes your sessions last a lot longer, so you could totally spend all day in bed masturbating
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Will you try edging?

Honestly, edging is a hell of a lot of fun. Not only can it make masturbation so much more exciting, but it can also give you more intense orgasms. I’ll happily admit that some of the biggest orgasms I have had have come from edging, whether that has been solo or with a partner.

If you are interested in trying it, go solo first. You’ll learn more about your body and find that there isn’t as much pressure on you without your partner there. When you do get the hang of it, then you can try what you have learned in bed.

Got some other interesting techniques you think will work for others? We want to hear from you, so leave a comment in the box below.

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