Doctor Prescribes More Orgasms For Patient!

Going to the doctor can be a pretty tough experience. A lot of people hate visiting their GP, and will leave things as long as possible before they go. If something is wrong we might consult Google for a quick solution, but this often ends with a very dire diagnosis. And so sometimes you have to brave making an appointment.

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We think that we know the kind of things that doctors might say to us about our various health problems. However, one patient in Australia found herself in for a shock when her doctor told her that what would really help is if she started to have more orgasms. Maybe we should start saying “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”?

An unusual diagnosis

Radio host Carly Portch decided that she needed to visit her doctor to talk about how she was feeling. She wanted to get a routine check-up just to make sure that everything was okay, but she had also been feeling a little stressed and sluggish lately. She believed that this was because of her demanding job as a morning show host. However, Portch was also experiencing painful periods.

She attended her appointment with her doctor and received some rather surprising advice from her GP: “she looked at me and said you should try to have more orgasms”.

As you can imagine this is not the type of advice Portch had been expecting from her doctor. In fact, I imagine that most of us would be a little shocked to receive this advice. Portch went on to explain that her doctor gave her reasons for having more orgasms and how they can help, but said that she instantly forgot them all due to the shock.

Sex is good for a lot of things... and it might just help with your medical woes!
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Orgasms are good for you!

And yet, as Portch found out later when conducting her own research, her doctor was right! Having an orgasm can actually be great for your health, and the fact that doctors not only recognise this but are also recommending it is fantastic.

For a start, “not tonight dear, I have a headache” is no longer an excuse to get out of sex, since having an orgasm can actually help you with pain. Orgasms have proven time and time again to be effective pain relief, so if you are feeling a little sore or are hurting anywhere, an orgasm might be the perfect solution! It can also help with cramps, so if your partner is struggling with terrible period cramps, an orgasm might be the way to go.

It isn’t just pain that orgasms can help you be free of. Sex is also a great way to deal with stress. If you are feeling worked up over something, such as work, having sex can help you to forget about your troubles and focus on something else. After an orgasm you’ll feel much more relaxed and at ease, and often post-orgasm is the best time to think of solutions to problems.

As Yvonne K. Fulbright tells us on Web MD, “sexually active people take fewer sick days”. This is because those having regular sex tend to have higher levels of the things in your body that defend against different viruses and germs. Fed up of that cold? Sex can help.

Plus, sex totally counts as exercise. Okay, so it might not be the best replacement to that intense workout at the gym, but it will get your heart racing and burns more calories than sitting around and watching TV, so why not take a break for some sex?

Orgasms are good for you! Here's why
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The problem with orgasms

The issue is that there is a lot of pressure on people to orgasm at the right time during sex. Men are expected to last a long time, which isn’t always possible, while women are expect to come whenever they get fucked.

As Martin recently explained, many people see the female orgasm as an achievement. They think if they get a woman to come then it is a big pat on the back for them. We are becoming a little too focused on orgasms during sex. Yes, it is nice to come together when you fuck, but it is also nice to just enjoy sex and not put pressure on each other to reach the big finish.

It isn’t always going to happen when you want it to. You might fail to reach orgasm, or you might find that you finish too early. If that happens, don’t worry. Relax and talk it through with your partner. You can still pleasure each other even if one of you orgasms early… and even if they don’t reach the big O? We’re sure you can think of other fun things to do together.

It isn't always that simple and puts too much pressure on your partner!
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What would your doctor say?

Clearly Portch’s doctor is very forward thinking and open to talking about sex, but I suspect most of us wouldn’t get a diagnosis and prescription like that from our local GP! Do you think that it is time that things changed, or should we just start having more sex to see how it helps us with our every day health?

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to jump into bed more if it means I’m healthier. What about you? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below!

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