Backpage Boss Busted For Pimping – The Dangers of Classified Ads

There are all kinds of classified ad websites out there, but one of the most prominent that people talk about is Backpage. This website is well known for the number of adult classified ads online, and while people like to talk about it, it hit the news stands today for another reason entirely.

Classified adverts

The CEO of the adult classified ads portal has been arrested on suspicion of pimping and sex trafficking “involving underage victims”. The news has been all over social media, with many suggesting that the website will be shut down and make advertising difficult.

Should people stick to using classified ads, or are there dangers that people need to be aware of?

The dangers of classified ad sites

Anyone who uses websites like Backpage and Craigslist will know that they must use them with caution. Anyone can put an advert online, which means that you have absolutely no idea who has actually put the ad on the site. There is no verification process, and this has meant that a number of people have been burned by it in the past.

You don’t know if the people selling on these websites are genuine, and when it comes to escorting and other adult advertisements you can find on the classified sites, that is a big deal. You want to know that you are going to get there and meet the person you were hoping to, instead of finding that the advert was placed on behalf of someone else and that the things listed in the advert don’t apply anymore.

The lack of moderation means that pretty much anything goes, which can be a problem for many people. Yes, advertising on these websites might seem to be cheaper at first glance, but it is going to cost you more time having to filter through all of those replying to your adverts. You could end up with a lot of time wasters, which is not what you want to deal with. You just want to do your job without any other complications.

Why moderation is needed

Moderation is important for classified ad sites. By allowing anyone to post an advert, you run the risk of ending up in trouble… especially if you don’t verify those posting the adverts. And this is the problem that Backpage has run into.

The lack of verification is a problem for many people. That is why some websites choose to ask for verification from advertisers of a certain age, to ensure that they are of the legal age to advertise. Here on Escort Ireland, any advertisers claiming to be between the ages of 18 and 21 must provide proof of age in the form of a passport. If they cannot, their advert will not go live.

Another downside of backpage websites and classified ads is that there is little interaction between the website and those posting the adverts. This can be a problem, especially for advertisers with questions about the site. That is why a website with good support is important. If you have any questions, you then have someone to talk to. Here on Escort Ireland we have staff available for you to speak to with any questions you have, covering a wide range of languages. Communicating has never been easier!

Because of the high risk of third party involvement on classified ads, it can make finding what you are looking for difficult. You don’t want to deal with a middle man, especially not when it comes to escorting! You want someone who has put the advert on themselves, and so they know exactly what kind of service they are offering. On Escort Ireland, our staff will actively search for third party involvement. If any is discovered, those adverts are shut down.

There are many different risks when it comes to classified adverts, as we can see from Backpage. If you don’t want to encounter the dangers, you are best using websites that verify users.

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