What Is The Average Pornstar Like?

Porn is huge. There are so many different sexy videos out there for you to enjoy, and we all have our favourite pornstar that we look for in the hottest videos. We can’t help being drawn to their sexy bodies, and while there are plenty of pornstars out there, we have a good idea of what the average pornstar is like.

A sexy blonde woman is the perfect image of what we think the average pornstar looks like

In our heads we have a very clear idea of the average pornstar. We imagine the hair colour, the body type, and even their name. We think that we have seen enough porn to know what the average porn star looks like… however, we are wrong.

Jon Millward, a data journalist, decided to take a look at our assumptions of pornstars and what they look like. He also looks at their background and the kind of kinky things they get up to on film. The analysis, which took six months to complete with over 10,000 pornstars examined, shows that we are very wrong about what the average pornstar is like.

Our idea of the average pornstar

When we think of pornstars, we might imagine our favourite sexy lady. We’ll think of the latest video we saw them in, picturing all of the sexy things that they do with their bodies.

If we don’t do that, we might simply start to think about what we think the average pornstar looks like. A lot of people tend to imagine the same kind of person. Think for a moment about what you believe the average pornstar looks like. I don’t know about you, but I picture someone tall with blonde hair and big boobs to keep us entertained and turned on with the videos.

Millward found that people thought the same. He began to ask people the following: “without any mental deliberation, picture the average female porn star. Just let her spring into your mind’s eye looking however she looks. Can you see her?”

Those he asked said similar things. They felt that “blonde with big boobs” was the best description, and I am sure that it is the kind of thing that many of you are thinking as well. Well, as Millward proudly tells us in his study , we are wrong.


The IAFD, better known as the internet adult film database, was a fantastic resource to Millward as he researched. The database contains information about hundreds of thousands of films and performers, and so he used this data over six months to come up with the average pornstar.

First, he looked at appearances. In terms of height, the men and women in porn seem to match the average height Americans have. This means that the men around around 5’10”, while the women are 5’5″… not quite as tall as we were expecting! Another big shocker was boob size. The average chest of a female pornstar? 34B. No, not double D as we were expecting. The most common measurement for a female pornstar were actually 34-24-34.

The average hair colour of pornstars
Original source: Jon Millward

Now we get to the hair colour. Blondes made up 32.7% of the pornstars that Millward looked at… but they weren’t the majority. In fact, a huge 39.1% of female pornstars are brunettes!

As for the race of the pornstars, it seems that 70.5% were Caucasian, with 14% black, 9.3% Latino, and 5.2% Asian. However, while this tends to match most people’s thoughts on pornstars, we can see that the average pornstar doesn’t have big boobs and blonde hair… not by a long shot.

Names and countries

Millward didn’t just stop at the appearances of pornstars though… He also took a look at the more popular names. He wanted to know what first and last names were used by pornstars the most, to see if there was a pattern. Unsurprisingly, there was.

He discovered that, for women, Nikki was the most popular first name, followed by Jessica and Lisa. For last names, women tend to choose Lee, Love, or Star/Starr. Men also seemed to favour Lee as a last name, with James and Taylor coming in second and third place. As for the first name for male pornstars, David, Tony, and John were the top of the list.

The most common first and last name for pornstars
Original source: Jon Millward

But where do pornstars come from? There is a trend here, too. Unsurprisingly, the USA comes out on top, with 2,850 female pornstars coming from the States. However, many might be surprised to learn that Hungary and the Czech Republic are next in the list, with 704 and 536 coming from those countries each. Other places like the UK, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Brazil all feature heavily, but none have anywhere near the numbers that America does.

So where in America do the sexy ladies come from? The answer isn’t really surprising, as Millward tells us that “90% of legal American porn is produced in California’s San Fernando Valley”. With nearly 1,000 female pornstars coming from there, California hits the top of the list.

Hottest sex acts

Of course, people didn’t want to just know about where pornstars come from or what they look like. They also want to know what kind of sex acts they have done in their careers. So Millward obliged.

Take a moment to think about the sex acts you see in porn. What is the one thing that we never seem to miss? That’s right, the money shot. This is where the guy blows his load, and usually it is on the woman’s face.

The most common sex acts for pornstars
Original source: Jon Millward

Of all female pornstars, 87% of them have taken a facial. That is a huge number. A further 62% have done anal, with 53% going for interracial and 39% enjoying a little DP.

Now, when we look for porn, we might search a certain keyword. It is simply that we are turned on by a certain role in porn, and it seems that the most common film role of all for female stars is teen, followed by MILF and wife. Seeing a mature woman getting it on with someone turns us on, but not as much as a young woman of legal age.

The average pornstar is…

So… just what does the average pornstar look like? According to Millward, she will be a 5’5″ brunette with a 34B chest, calling herself Nikki Lee. She will come from California and have featured in teen porn, and will more than likely have been given a facial.

Does this image match the one that you had in your mind? Still struggling to picture what they might look like? Millward didn’t stop there. He took images of the top ten pornstars and “morphed” their images together to show what the average pornstar might look like:

Morphed images to show the average face of ten top female pornstars
Original source: Jon Millward

There you have it! That is what the average pornstar looks like… and honestly, it has absolutely blown my mind. If you want to look at deeper look at the analysis, you can read the entirety of Jon Millward’s Deep Inside: A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars and Their Careers.

Did you guess that this is what the average pornstar might be like, or did you have different ideas? Does your favourite match up? You can let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below.

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