Why Escorts Become Escorts

Many people assume all escorts are who they are because of all kinds of negative reasons. While there are many abused women who got caught in the middle of the sex industry, there is also another side of this story.

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Yes, there are women who choose to be escorts because they feel empowered by this job, they are appreciated for what they offer and, of course, the lifestyle suits their personality.

So, NO, the sex industry is not always a dirty business that kills women’s femininity. It is an industry full of smart, strong and beautiful women who offer men pleasure while enjoying what they do…

Money Makes the World Go Round!

While loving our jobs brings us happiness, so does money. There are many things we cannot buy, but at the same time there are so many that we could buy if we had enough money.

So, yes, many women join the escort industry ride because it gives them money and you know what comes with money? FREEDOM! The freedom to live a good life, to worry less about what tomorrow brings, to fulfill your goals.

I’ve heard so many women saying that if they were more courageous or better looking, they would definitely become escorts. While, an escort’s life is not as dark as it seems for some, it is also not as easy as it seems for others.

Like any other job, it has both positive and negative aspects and the payment is definitely a plus. Without falling into superficiality, we have to admit that in the society we live, we need to have money!

Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Besides the money they earn, many women who are industry, become luxurious sex workers. How? They work hard and they get educated. This helps them to become high-end escorts and have an amazing lifestyle all the time. Yes, in order to be a classy man’s escort you need to know how and when to use the right fork and be able to talk about politics without being intimidated.

You must work hard, like in any other job, but you know for sure you get to attend fancy parties and meet posh people. Who doesn’t want to have a great wardrobe and travel with a personal jet while drinking a glass of expensive champagne?

No, not every escort gets this splendid life, but let’s be honest: not every doctor is successful, right?

Everything is About Sex, Except Sex. It Is About Power

As mentioned, there are many women who were caught in this life without their permission or without realizing what they’re getting into. And no, these women are not happy.

BUT many of them know and love the power brought by being sexually wanted, appreciated and paid for their efforts.

Smart women have been using the power of sex since ancient times. No, not all of them get the white envelope before having sex, but most women usually get something, right? Whether is a diamond ring, holidays in exotic places or expensive gifts…most women are rewarded for their abilities!

So, being an escort is something similar, except it is a job and excludes commitment from the equation. It’s something purely sexual, but it can also include girlfriend experiences and no sex encounters.

However, as mentioned, it eliminates factors like commitment, fear of rejection, fear of being hurt, as well as moments of awkwardness, and embarrassment, making the whole experience enjoyable for both men and women.

Embracing Sexuality: Not Everybody Likes “Vanilla” Sex!

Many escorts are women who love their sexuality and enjoy experimenting things with all kinds of men. This is something very hard to understand if you are a “vanilla” sex lover. But then again, conservative people can’t understand threesomes, right?

Well, many sex workers used to live promiscuous lives even before they began being paid for it. And they were judged back then, as well. The only difference was that they had sex for free with a bunch of guys. So, why not mix fun with making money?

So yes, just like anything else on earth, the sex industry has two sides. And it is very important to understand that even though there are many unhappy women who got into something by mistake, or were forced to do it, there are also happy women who love their job as much as anybody else who has the chance to mix pleasure with earning enough money to build a luxurious life.

Anna Smith

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