A Guide to Spanking

Who likes a little pain when getting pleasured? I know I do… Did you know in many cultures people spank their partners, as pain is considered to be an aphrodisiac? The fetish was actually very popular in the Victorian era where there have been many erotic novellas that involve the theme of spanking, such as ‘The Whippingham Papers’, ‘The Birchen Bouquet’ and the ‘Exhibition of Female Flagellants’. When you head down to your local library, make sure they have those books in stock!

Man spanking girl in short skirt
Couple in a sexy role playing game.

Since then, spanking has become embedded into our sex lives, whether it would be the odd smack on the cheek or performing a session based solely on slapping the tush. Although, how much spanking is acceptable?

Safety first!

What is it about spanking that gets a lot of women turned on? From my experience, it was a way to heighten the sensation while having a massive cock inside my pussy. There was one time when i started to make out with a fuck buddy while he was feeling and caressing my ass. I stood up and made him sit on my office chair. I walked over to him seductively and placed myself over his knee before I took off my lacy underwear and stuck my ass up in the air. I stared at him with a look that said:

“I’ve been a naughty girl, why don’t you punish me?”

The guy was a little startled at first, not because he didn’t know what spanking was, but because he was afraid of hurting me. Now, everyone has a different threshold when it comes to enduring pain. Some women could only handle a little tap whereas others can handle harder smacks on the ass. Since the act is related to the BDSM culture, it’s advised that you should have a safe word to stop the session if the spanking starts to get overbearing.

If it’s just a couple of slaps while you’re fucking your partner, then a safe word is not so vital to use. It would be implemented more in dom/sub scenarios when the partner, or the submissive, likes the feel of pain to get her juices flowing. There’s a British male pornstar who I love to watch in my spare time, he always asks the women involved what the safe word is, if they don’t know what it is, he will firmly state it to them. He says this every time before he gets down and dirty with them, so if you’re a dominant guy who wants to give a submissive some raw discipline with her with the back of your hand, make sure you use a safe word.

‘I’ve been a naughty little girl…’

Despite what I have mentioned, spanking is not as serious as you think. It’s something that is meant to be fun and pleasing to your companion, otherwise why is everyone doing it? For me, it’s fun when you do it in roleplaying. There was one time I dressed up as an innocent private schoolgirl and I pretended that I cheated in a science test. My boyfriend at the time was posing as a schoolteacher, where he caught me at my table and pulled me over to his desk and proceeded to bend me over and spank my poor little ass.

The schoolgirl fantasy is my thing, but there are many made-up scenarios you can experiment with your sexy acquaintance. The movie ‘Secretary’ with Maggie Gyllenhaal could give you some erotic ideas, especially the scene where she bends over and spanked by James Spader. Ooft…someone pass me a towel. Alongside dressing up, there are also spank skirts that have holes for the companion’s ass to pop out, they can be beneficial for you if you don’t want to waste time getting your partner undressed!

Getting comfy on his lap!

Normally, if you’re fucking a hot lady from behind, it’s the best position for you to spank her. The most pleasurable way to do it is by forming your hand into a cup and slap her underneath your partner’s ass. You can do slap anywhere on the ass cheeks, but don’t spank in the same area for more than 10 or 15 seconds because that’s when it starts to get a little painful. After those 15 seconds, rub the area to soothe the stinging, and then proceed to another spot on the ass before returning to the same place.

If you’re sitting down, you have to make sure that your woman is feeling comfortable. Furthermore, why does your lady have to be restricted to leaning over your lap? You can have her straddling over you where her upper body is hanging off your body and touching the floor. That way, you’d be spoiled for choice in which ass cheek needs a little punishment, along with the odd fingering every now and then.

Who says you have to use your hands? Many implements that people use during spanking sessions include gloves, paddles, canes, riding crops and whips. If you’re a bit strapped for cash, there is always the option of using hairbrushes and belts; be creative!

If you’re arranging a kinky rendezvous with an escort, make sure you go gently on her first. The last thing that you want to do is leave a mark on her which would take a few days to alleviate. Most of the time, if not all the time, escorts would require you to use a safe word whether you’re giving or receiving a spanking. Don’t forget to lay out all of your spanking equipment in the room, so they’ll be close to you when your hands get a little sore. Here’s another tip, bring some baby oil with you so you can soothe your submissive’s buttocks after she’s experienced some sexy spanking!

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