A Guide to Nuru Massage

Being used since ancient times to satisfy the sexual desires of humanity, erotic massage is, unquestionably, a heavenly way to physically and spiritually connect with your partner.

Woman giving a man a massage
Man has deep tissue massage on the back.

Different forms of erotic massage can be chosen in order to arouse each other and wake up the sexual desires all of us have been born with. But one of the most seductive manners of touching and kneading somebody’s body is known as the Nuru Massage.

What makes Nuru the perfect way to get to people’s deepest desires, arouse their senses and fire their sexuality through their naked body, is the fact that it involves using every inch of your skin, giving both of you the chance to become immensely close. And we can all agree that intimacy is the biggest step towards a divine climax.

Get Naked and Get Ready: What is Nuru Massage?

There are many things we should thank Japan for, and bringing Nuru massage to us is one of them. In Japanese, “Nuru” means “slippery” and this is exactly what it is: a slippery massage that takes care of the whole body, even though you are tempted to believe it’s just for your penis or pussy.

Nope, it is not only a way to satisfy deep sexual desires, though it is actually a perfect manner.

So, considering the Japanese used it since antiquity, I strongly believe it’s time to follow them, and learn how to do a Nuru massage in order to completely please our partners!

Now, the first thing you should know is that Nuru involves two naked and wet people. You cannot slip with your clothes on, can you? So, get naked and get ready!

Besides getting rid of your clothes you also need the Nuru gel. If you are doing this at home, you might be tempted to use an oil you already have. Well, you can do that, but that’s not Nuru massage anymore!

This special gel is known for being one of the best lubricants used to perform a sexy massage, as it allows your bodies to touch, slip, move, knead in the easiest manner possible.

In addition, the gel does not stain, so you don’t have to worry about your sheets. However, if you want an advice, you should do it on an inflatable mattress because it won’t absorb it. This way, you can stay wet and slippery for a longer period of time!

Also, if you plan to surprise your partner with your first Nuru massage, don’t be nervous. You don’t need to take special courses to do it! What you need is prepare properly, be sensual and concentrate on having a good time while offering your companion a relaxing and exceptionally erotic massage.

The last, but not the least thing you should know before starting to set the mood, is that communication is important. Ask your partner how he feels, what he desires, listen and please him. Also, when possible, eye contact is crucial because it offers you the chance to get even closer, and to see the desires he didn’t mention…

The Wetter the Better: Set the Mood!

This massage is already extremely sexy, but a romantic setting will make it phenomenal. So, how about a dim light, perfumed candles and sexy music? I would put on some jazz, more precisely sax music, but you can find out what kind of music turns your partner on and go for that. If you want to try the instrument that turns me on, listen to Kenny G. playing his sax.

So, now that the room is ready, you should prepare the gel. Yes, you need to buy it first, but you shouldn’t use it from the tube. So, blend the gel with some warm water in a bowl, mixing it with your hands until it has a nice consistency and put it near your mattress.

Everything is ready! Just put on your sexiest lingerie and wait for your partner. I know I said both of you must be naked, but we’re still preparing. That is why, when he arrives, he should find you dressed sexy. I usually wear black, but when I get ready for massaging I love putting on red lingerie. However, it’s your choice and it only matters to look good on you!

What’s next? When your playmate arrives, how about getting in a warm shower, or even better a nice hot tub? This is a perfect foreplay allowing you to relax and get in a kinky mood. Furthermore, being wet is also helping the slip and side experience. So, when you decide to get out and head towards the “Nuru temple”, don’t even think about drying yourselves.

Now, are you ready for an exquisite erotic massage?

Move Your Body, Rock His World: How to Nuru

Many prefer having their partner lay on the mattress facing down, and I am one of them since I am very fond of mystery. However, before getting there, I enjoy applying some gel on myself and rub it along my body in front of my partner. Only after I teased him a bit I begin applying the gel to his body.

What’s next? Soaking him in Nuru gel, using gentle and then deep movements, proceeding slowly from the top to the bottom with my fingers, hands, arms, breasts, buttocks, feet, toes and everything!

What do I use besides my whole body and the Nuru gel? A lot of imagination, and my partner’s guidance. As mentioned before, asking your partner whether he likes it, or desires something else is very important for him and useful for you, as it helps you to improve the techniques.

And speaking of techniques, you should let your fantasy play and move according to his wishes and your passion, but, if you are a newbie, you might want to take a look at the tips below:

Tip #1: When you decide to start massaging your partner with your whole body, you might want to create a light sensation first. So, use your arms in order to support the weight of your sliding body! Then, easily let your partner feel your weight!

Tip #2: Massage his back and then ask him to roll over! It’s time for that sexy eye contact!

Tip #3: Use your boobs! A lot! Massaging your partner’s body with your breast is extremely sexy!

Tip #4: Try to avoid his penis, for as long as possible. This way you build strong sexual tension, enhancing every touch, every move…

Tip #5: If it’s your first time, you might be a bit uncomfortable and feel silly in different positions. At least I did, when I had my initial Nuru experience. But, instead of worrying during the awkward moments, I laughed with my partner. So, relax, enjoy it and if it gets a bit odd, have fun!

That’s all. As you can see it’s not difficult and you need some confidence and the desire to free your mind and explore your bodies, because that is what this is all about.

Nuru is a sensual type of massage that allows you to use your imagination, set free your fantasies and experiment with your and your partner’s sexuality while teasing, stimulating and satisfying each other.

And that’s why, everybody should have this experience! It doesn’t matter if you are single, just call an escort and enjoy the luxury others have been delighting in since ancient times!

Anna Smith

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