Should You Try A Halloween Role Play?

People either love or hate Halloween. There isn’t really a middle ground. You will either want to stay at home and ignore the constant knocks on your door from trick-or-treaters or you’ll dress up to celebrate this spooky night. And what better way to celebrate than with some Halloween role play?

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The difference between Halloween role play and other role play is that the Halloween type is a touch spookier. There might be a hint of horror to it, or it might go a little darker. So how do you decide whether to try it, and what kind of role plays are perfect for Halloween?

Is Halloween role play for me?

Halloween role play isn’t for everyone, just as normal role play isn’t for everyone. If you have already explore fantasies involving dress up and characters, then the chances are that you might enjoy stepping to the dark side this Halloween.

As with any role playing done, it is important to discuss your limits with your partner. By effectively communicating what it is that you want, you’ll find that your experience is better. You’ll know what is and isn’t acceptable.

You can also take this time to figure out the point of the role play. Is it simply that you are attracted to the costume, or do you like the fantasy behind it? There are so many different options for Halloween role play, so if you think you are interested, here are some you might want to try for yourself… if you are feeling brave.

Halloween brings out all kinds of costumes, and they are perfect for some kinky role play
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Seduced by a vampire

Vampires are everywhere at the moment. Books and films like Twilight inspired authors, film directors, and TV shows to show that not all vampires sparkle in the sunlight. Some of them are dangerous and incredibly sexy.

True Blood was one of those TV shows, and it helped to inspire many fantasies involving blood-sucking vampires. You don’t have to drink blood to enjoy this fantasy, as you might prefer exploring the seduction side.

In the role play, one of you will play the human, while the other is the vampire. The vampire will want to seduce the human so that they can have sex and, ultimately, “bite” them. No, we aren’t suggesting you take a chunk out of your partner’s neck. However, a love bite just as they come might be the perfect way to end this fantasy. Can the human resist the sexy vampire?

Vampires are sexy, so why not take a bite out of this fantasy?
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Sold your soul to the devil

The devil is another seductive creature we often hear about in horror, and with the sheer scope for costumed role play, it makes the perfect kinky fantasy for Halloween!

Why not imagine that you have sold your soul to the devil? Perhaps you wanted something only the devil can provide, or you just felt like it? Either way the devil owns you now. You are theirs, and they can do with you whatever they’d like.

Eager to enter the world of domination? This is ideal for it. The devil will be the domme, taking charge, and the human must do whatever they command. It will make for an incredibly kinky time, but make sure you set a safe word and establish your limits beforehand to make sure no lines are crossed.

Eager to be dominated? Selling your soul to the devil is the perfect Halloween role play for it
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Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

The colour red is a turn on for many of us. We see it and our heart instantly starts racing. No wonder there are so many fantasies out there about Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf! This is another fantasy perfect for trying out this Halloween.

“What a big cock you have!” isn’t a required line for this. You don’t even have to don the full fur suit if you don’t want to. A red cape is all you need to try this kinky role play out! The point of this fantasy? Let your animalistic side out.

It is perfect for a quick fuck, or for hard sex. Bend your partner over and fuck them from behind. Growl during sex. Make lots of noise. It will feel amazing and leave you both exhausted afterwards… and you can guarantee that you’ll want to do it again!

Let your animal urges free with this kinky fantasy
Original source: Tumblr

The kinkiest Halloween role play

There are so many different costumes and role play ideas you can explore at Halloween. All you have to do is use your imagination and talk to your partner to come up with the ultimate fantasy to explore.

You don’t need to sacrifice anyone for an orgasm, and you don’t have to do anything too extreme. We’ve given you a few tame role plays to try, so why not give them a go? You might just have the time of your life.

Maybe the role plays we’ve suggested aren’t doing it for you. You might have a few suggestions of your own you’d like to share. Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. You could even tell us your sexiest Halloween stories!

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