Top Tips For The Disabled Client

Arranging a date with one of the local escorts can be nerve-racking. They are all so gorgeous and talented at what they do that you feel truly lucky to get to enjoy a romantic date with them, even with some of the ridiculous things that people believe about the sex industry. However, the thought of going on a date with an escort if you are a disabled client can be even more frightening, so you worry that perhaps the escort won’t want to see you.

young woman taking care of a young man in a wheelchair.

Disabled clients have a lot more pressure to deal with when arranging a date with an escort, and simply trying to find the right escort for them can be a huge problem. After that you have to figure out the right way to tell them about your condition so that they can tailor the appointment to your needs, and then you have the date itself.

Here on Escort Ireland we want to make things as easy as possible for you, so we have put together the best tips for disabled clients, using suggestions from disabled clients just like you as well as the disabled friendly escorts you can find locally.

Searching for an escort

Trying to find the right escort for you when you are a disabled client can be hugely challenging. You might think you’ve found the perfect escort, but then you’ll contact them and start to explain that you are disabled, only for them to turn around and say “no” to you.

It can be due to personal preference, as there are some disabilities that some people just don’t know how to handle properly, but for the most part it will be because the location the escort is in just isn’t suitable for you to visit due to access issues.

When you use the escort search here on Escort Ireland, you can actually search based on whether the escort counts themselves as “disabled friendly”. This means that, once you’ve clicked that button and hit search, you will be shown only the escorts who not only accept disabled clients, but also live in accommodation that is disabled friendly.

Using the search in this way is great, because otherwise you might find you are spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to get to them, or dealing with the fact that you thought you’d found yourself perfect escort but you can no longer get to them.

Talk about it

If you want to make sure you get the best experience possible while on a date with a local escort, you want to talk to them about your requirements first. For many people, they may think purely about whether they want to be dominated or if they want a sensual massage, but for disabled clients it is best to talk to the escort and explain what it is that makes you disabled.

People often wrongly assume that disabled means being in a wheelchair, and if the only information you give to the escort is that you are disabled, they might jump to the same conclusion and then be surprised when you turn up walking unaided because your disability is something else entirely.

Explaining your disability to them might be challenging, especially because of the fear that they might turn around and say that they don’t want to see you, but it is well within their right. It might be upsetting to hear, but in the long run in means that you can instead go to find an escort who is much better suited to you. However, the chances are that the escort you contact will be very much open to the idea of meeting you, and if they aren’t they may instead know an escort better suited or have some great advice for the next time you call. Telling them what is going on gives them the time to do their research. They can learn more about the disability and see if there is anything special they can do to make you feel amazing, and that will leave you with fond memories for a lot longer.

Take your time

One of the biggest mistakes that disabled clients make when they think they have finally found the right escort is that they will try to dive straight in, often ignoring some of the more obvious signs that tell them that the escort they are meeting up with just isn’t right for them. We get it. It can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have been searching for a long time, but you don’t want to meet up with an escort only to have an “okay” time. You want to have the most mind-blowing sex you’ve ever had, so patience is important.

When trying to find that perfect escort, you should use absolutely everything that you have at your disposal to narrow down your options. Use the search to find out which of the escorts in the area are disabled friendly, and then when you speak to them explain your condition. You don’t have to book immediately, as you can take the time to instead read through the reviews and see if they would be right for you.

Once the booking starts, you can ask them to slow things down if you need a little time, and if you are nervous they will do absolutely everything that they can to try and calm you down and put you at ease. You don’t have to rush through the booking, and if you manage to take your time with it you’ll feel much better. Not only will you have a great time together, but you will be able to build a strong relationship and you might have found an escort you can see regularly.

Are you a disabled client with questions for the local escorts, or have you some other suggestions to help clients like you? Let us know in the comment box below, or visit the Escort Ireland forum and join in the discussion over there.

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