Study Declares Irish Men The Sexiest Of All!

When we talk about the sexiest people in the world, we all have different opinions. What turns us on might not turn others on, especially when it comes to accents and appearance. You might find that your knees go weak at the hint of an accent, or perhaps you’re a little more challenging to turn on. Over the years, many studies have suggested that Irish men are the sexiest men around, and it seems that this has been confirmed with the latest study.

A study says that Irish men are the sexiest of all

The study looked at a range of nationalities, asking various jet-setters to rate them in terms of sexiest. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Irish men came out on top, beating all other nationalities to be declared the sexiest men in the world… but what makes the Irish men so sexy? Which nationalities did they pip to the post? Are Irish women seen as just as sexy as the men? We take a look here on the Escort Ireland blog.

The survey says…

The survey was conducted by MissTravel, a travel website eager to discover which nationalities are the hottest so that they could send their customers there. We all have our own ideas about the sexiest places in the world to visit, and they wanted to know, once and for all, which countries would top the list and turn us on the most.

They had around 66,000 women taking part in the survey, giving their opinions on the hottest countries around. They were given a list of nationalities and countries from around the world, and were asked to say which they thought were sexy and which they would say “no” to if they were approached by someone from that country.

The study found that, of all the nationalities around the world, the Irish came out on top. 7,862 of those participating in the study said that the Irish were the hottest people around, beating all of the others in terms of sexiness.

Now, the women in this study were all single and American, so really we should be saying that Irish men are seen as the sexiest to Americans. However, it doesn’t change the fact that you hot Irish men beat hunks from other countries to the top of the list.

The other sexy countries around the world

The Irish had an impressive total, but which other countries made up the top ten? It seems that, after Irish men, the single American women though that Australians were just as hot, with 6,486 of those surveyed stating that Australia had the sexiest men in the world there.

Surprisingly, the sexy and single American women didn’t find other Americans that sexy, ranking then in fourth place. Pakistan came in third with 4,761, beating America with almost 2,000 more choosing this nationality as the hottest.

When it comes to hot nationalities, it seems that the English and Scottish aren’t even really on the radar, with England coming in fifth place and Scotland in sixth, with 2,133 votes and 1,554 votes each. The Irish have almost a 5,000 vote lead on the English and sit over 6,000 votes ahead of the Scottish. Wales don’t even feature on the top ten, showing that in this area of the world, it is definitely Ireland out on top.

Italy (905), Nigeria (721), Denmark (670), and Spain (598) make up the rest of the top ten, showing that, to these American ladies, no accent or person will ever be quite as sexy as the Irish. Result!

That’s the sexy men… what about the sexiest women?

Now, it would hardly be fair for us to talk about the Irish men being the sexiest in the world and not talk about which women are the hottest of all. MissTravel decided the same, as they asked men to rank the different nationalities of the world in terms of sexiness.

The 44,873 American men seemed to have very different opinions to women, deciding that the sexiest nationalities for women would not match the sexiest nationalities for men list. In the number one spot, surprising many, were the Armenian ladies with 5,971 votes.

Second place goes to the Barbadian/Bajan women, claiming 4,036 votes, while Americans fell into third place with just 3,402 of the votes. It seems that Americans just don’t find each other that sexy, preferring more exotic nationalities to get to know in an intimate way.

The rest of the list might also surprise you. Colombia, England, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, Bulgaria, and Lebanon make up the rest of the top ten for sexy nationalities for women, showing just how differently men and women look at each other.

Irish men are still the sexiest

It’s official – you Irish men are by far the sexiest of them all, but just what is it that makes the Irish so hot and sexy? Is it your charm, your sense of humour, or do others find the accent so irresistible that they go weak at the knees whenever you speak?

If we take a look at some of the celebrities representing Ireland in the media, it’s easy to see why the world views you Irish men as the hottest of the lot. Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey), Colin Farrell (In Bruges), and Liam Neeson (Taken) are just a few of the hot Irish men we can name. No wonder the world is going mad for the Irish!

But we want to hear from you. Do you agree that Irish men and Armenian women are the sexiest in the world, or do you think they have missed something? What would your top three sexy nationalities be?

You can use the Escort Ireland forum to join in the discussion, telling us which countries are the sexiest to you, or you could simply leave a comment in the box below and tell us what you think. Does Ireland deserve the top spot, or can you think of somewhere sexier?

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